ZNN’s Top 20 Mega Singularities of 2020

2020 is a fixture in sci-fi literature predicting big momentous breakthroughs in technological and social development. As we transitioned from 2019 to 2020, it has become clear that this is actually happening. This episode is somewhat of a 2019 year in review combined with what ZNN sees as the most important 20 singularities that are converging this year.

1/18/2020 Update – This article was used as the outline for our first episode of 2020, it was uploaded to YouTube the day after recording and immediately blocked by their copyright algorithms. We are appealing this and looking for additional platforms to host our video content on. In the meantime, you can enjoy the audio only on our podcast platforms.

  1. Disclosure Of Advanced Tesla Energy and Propulsion Systems -will it finally happen?
    1. John G Trump – Alien Property Custodian Office
    2. Viziv Technology – Tesla Tower In Texas
    3. Breakthrough In American Energy Dominance? U.S. Navy Patents Compact Fusion Reactor
  2. Healthwars (Fluoridation, Chemtrails, 5G, Electromagnetics, Vaccinology, Skyrizi) – Is it too little too late for humanity?
    1. Skyrizi – nothing is everything
    2. Seattle Vaccine Mandate
    3. TSCA Fluoride EPA Lawsuit Goes to Trial April 2020
    4. 5G Next Generation Health Dangers
  3. Global Currency Reset – creative destructive event or overnight global impoverishment? Or both?
    1. Massive Reset Looms – Pento
    2. Jim Rickards Agrees with Reset
  4. 2020 American Election Theater – can the us corporation reinvent itself, again?
  5. Societal Surveillanceification – if it was known to be an alien plot, what wont we put up with?
    1. REAL ID Starts October 2020
    2. Ring Workers Fired For Accessing User Video
    3. FBI Finds DMV records as gold mine for facial recognition
  6. Drone-opticon – can we stop it?
    1. Interstellar Solar Drones
    2. ARGUS-IS – Cheap Drone Surveillance
    3. Micro Drone @ Military Industry Tradeshow
    4. Drone Swarms
  7. Artificial Intelligence – liberator or savior?
  8. Virtual Reality – will the transhumanists succeed in getting humanity to adopt false worlds full time?
  9. Geostorms / Climatewar – will 2020 be the year this becomes the focal point of climate change discussion?
    1. Maxine Waters totally duped (not hard)
  10. Space Hoax / Force – what is space and why has the government monopolized it?
    1. Asteroid Alert! “NASA-Tracked” Asteroid Whizzes by Earth
  11. Antarcticagate – will humanity go boldly where it has not gone before?
    1. NASA Balloon Technology Platforms
    2. NASA Balloon Telescope
  12. Ancient Historygate – common core future or new era of discovery and revisionism?
    1. “400 Million year old hammer”
    2. “68 Million year old dinosaur with flesh”
  13. Pedogate – who will burn at the stake, if anyone and what will we learn?
    1. The only Brexit seems to be the Royal Family from the castle
    2. Where in the world is Ghislaine Maxwell?
    3. Paul Krugman claims hacker downloaded child porn by compromising his IP
  14. Internet Censorshipgate – how will humanity respond?
  15. Chimeragate / Aliens / Organ Farming Industrial complex – when will aliens integrate with surface population in an unstigmatized way?
  16. Deepfakes and Identity Virtualization – will humanity find itself or succum to the digitization of our dna?
  17. Gender Wars and the Trans-cyberneticapolypse – will znn contributors end up with a chip or not?
    1. Gender Alien
    2. Transabled – Blind but not on purpose
  18. US Civil, Global War Going Hot – in 2020?
    1. Democrats Admit Gun Confiscation is the next step
    2. Gun Confiscation Starting in Virginia
  19. Mainstream Media Collapse – what will the new media landscape look like after its highly anticipated demise?
    1. Ricky Gervais @ Golden Globes

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