ZNN Episode 15 Censored on Youtube with >200 subscribers, earn Tfuel watching Zetetic.news cast censor-less on THETA Edgecast

We’re very excited for THETA lab’s introduction of Theta Edgecast, the first fully decentralized video streaming DApp that is 100% built on Theta’s native blockchain technology with smart contracts. This technology stack includes the ability to capture video, transcode it in real-time, cache and relay to users globally all through Theta’s peer-to-peer edge network composed of over 2000 edge nodes today. This means not a central server or service is used

If you have followed ZNN for any amount of time you have probably noticed that we always knew our presence on YouTube would be a “limited hangout” as our content is so tapped in to bleeding edge news research, the algorithms would aggressively censor us.

This postulation proved to be true last week when we were notified that our latest Episode 15 concerning the Cerveza Virus Hoax was removed for violating YouTube’s “medical disinformation community guidelines.”

THETA’s Edgecast is a big improvement over the beta AnyCast software which provides a Peer to Peer video delivery mechanism that rewards viewers and content providers for their contribution and participation on the network. ZNN is the first original content news provider streaming 24/6.9 on the decentralized THETA network. With Edgecast we hope to grow our presence and will begin restreaming the trailing episode effectively immediately.

HOW TO WATCH -> You need to download the THETA EDGE NODE

Step 1: To start using the Theta Edge Node, download the app for Windows or Mac.

Windows: https://api.thetatoken.org/downloads/edge-node/windows

MacOS: https://api.thetatoken.org/downloads/edge-node/macos

Step 2: Once your Edge Node is running, you should be able to use the “Edgecast”

Step 3: Open Player and Enter Stream ID or look for us on the Discover Page:0x5e36e5e4a738a9d25e7e179fa845ace2eb00df21

The THETA network is just like any content delivery network – it provides infrastructure to deliver streaming video content…But THETA’s is pure Peer 2 Peer decentralized so it cant be censored and is content agnostic. Edgecast is a decentralized live directory of streaming on the network. At the same time, the service is run by users in conjunction with an innovative new blockchain that rewards all participants involved in content distribution and consumption.

While you are watching the stream you are also sharing your bandwidth with nearby peers and contributing to the growth of the THETA network.

Check out http://thetatoken.org to learn more.

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