ZNN Cast 39 Live! 1-855-877-5112 Call In: Lost History with special guest The Improbable Dreamer

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In episode 39 we will be joined by special guest @theimprobabledreamerthedoctor who is an independent researcher and ‘zetetic’ content creator on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube. Following this episode, his socmed channels will be integrated permanently on the Zetetic.news “Lost History & Space News” landing site (http://zetetic.news/news/space-news/)

 In today’s episode we plan to delve deeply into his photographic collections and observations of what we’ll call “old world architecture.”

It’s safe to say most people have very legitimate questions about how our supposedly technologically inferior ancestors were able to pull off some the greatest feats of engineering with less capable tools than we have today…But The Improbable Dreamer, and many others, are taking this line of inquiry to its absolute limit and not confining their investigations to the ‘approved’ structures you can discuss – IE the Egyptian Pyramids, Taj Mahal, etc. 

Through his work and others like @mindunveiled it has been made apparent that history’s authors have created a ‘censorship’ paradigm that did a much more extensive job hiding the exploits of our past than even some of the pioneers in this field have initially posited (IE researchers like Graham Hancock). 

For example, in our last episode we covered the subterranean networks which undergird downtown #asheville #northcarolina , including but not limited running underneath the free masonic temple and leading right up to underneath the steps of the famous #biltmore estate.  Are we to believe the more contemporary official narratives concerning the origin of seemingly impossible structures like the Biltmore any more readily than the insane slave-porn fictional stories told in public schools about the Egyptian Pyramids?  We think you’ll find this discussion a refreshing and new lens with which you can differently consider your history and surroundings.

We plan to discuss broadly these key themes; what we’ll call reset-ology, melt-ology, Tartaria, mudfloods, and architectural / cartographic censorship with a specific focus on the North American Orphanages / Asylums, hidden train systems, and the world fairs.

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