ZNN Cast 38 LIVE Call in Show 1855-877-5112: Catchin’ up on the “Global” situation

In Episode 38 we will have a structured ‘free for all’ conversation about many key events which have transpired since our last show.  To kick things off, we will revisit some of the central themes of Episode 37 (Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFDe5c0hlkU&t=531s), with a specific focus on the feedback and response by Know More News (Adam Green) to our articulations in that show and what followed on Twitter. This will include new highlights on the “cosmology hoax” and the precariousness of historical and astrophysical authority figures’ credibility.  This will include a sampling of content from amazing new ‘zetetic content creators’ which were recently installed on https://zetetic.news, see link below:

Announcement: ZNN space news page overhaul sees amazing new content creators installed

Another key topic we plan to cover which we haven’t touched on in a while are the massive macroeconomic shifts which are taking hold as a result of #thegreatreset planned economic consolidation.

As always from now on Zetetic.news is a call in show – so if you are streaming live please join the call-in queue (you can listen to the show while you’re on hold), and we will drop you in to get your take as it flows best during the program!

Call in number: 1-855-877-5112

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