ZNN 2021 Network Plans and Community Engagement

ZNN Envisions itself as the antithesis of CNN – instead of telling you what to think we invite you to think and approach information by inquiry. We see ourselves as a news aggregator of aggregators with an original long form podcast to discuss – sort of like Drudge and Infowars fused but with a broader weltanschauung as a foundation.

2020 was largely an infrastructure year for us – building the foundation of the website, getting a handle on streaming and audio mixing and having a recording cadence that allowed us to put out some initial content that could start to garner an audience.

2021 will continue and accelerate that trend. In addition we anticipate a groundswell of viewership growth and a marked increase in community engagement with us as we spread our content on other platforms and start to release more short-form clips that are drawn from our first 16 episodes that were released over the last 18 months.

Additionally, we will continue to build live stream and re-streaming capabilities and are now restreaming our original content 24/7 on two dedicated servers. Today this is being done on the THETA edgecaster but we are also starting to trickle our content onto Gab, Bitchute, and D.Live as well. YouTube still hosts the majority of our content but we don’t think that will last much longer.

We also just opened an official telegram channel which will allow users to anonymously participate in the formation of our episode outlines – please join the Zetetic News Sleuths group and share links, memes, or thoughts on past episodes to help us improve our content.

As we and the THETA economic system develop this year, we see ourselves launching new incentive models to reward users who engage with our content or contribute to our network growth. Please check the “Become a Contributor” page on our main menu bar for updates here.

We also plan to launch our merchandise store with an initial product offering – the “No Mask Medical Exemption ZNN” lanyard which we plan to make purchaseable natively with cryptocurrency. Stay tuned for our first commercial advertisement and a new “ZNN Store” menu item on the main page!

All in all 2021 is shaping up to be every bit as transformative as 2020 on both a micro and macro level. For you early ZNN adopters, thanks for tuning in!

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