Zetetic.news Cast Episode 27 @ 9:15 EST TONIGHT – Zetetic News Cast 27: Technocracy Deep Dive with “Secret Space Program” Whistleblower Dutch

In Episode 27 DaveDave and Xavier Diamant will be joined in studio by a special guest “Dutch” who claims to have been directly involved with secret space program operations during his short service in the US Army back in 1980. In an earlier iteration of what later became ZNN, DaveDave conducted the initial 8 part interview with Dutch which has been republished on our alternate YouTube site here:

This interview was referenced by those in Project Camelot as being a credible accounting due to it’s corroboration with other whistleblowers they spoke with, and a discussion was also had with Steven Greer’s team about including Dutch’s testimony in one of the “Disclosure Project’s” recent documentaries.

Dutch refused to participate at the time because he did not want to be a part of the propagation of “Alien invasion threat” ideologies.

Tonight we will be kicking off the discussion with Thesaurus Thursday’s word of the day which is “Technocracy” and getting into a huge range of fringe topics. The word of the day for tonight’s episode was suggested in our Telegram – the submitter will be given the option to accept 100 Tfuel as a participation reward!

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