Zetetic.news Cast Episode 15 – COVID as a Masque (Mark) for world take over!

In this emergency Zetetic.news cast we focus on the real pandemic threat; which is mind controlling propaganda hoaxes and occult thespian kabuki theater masquerading as a public health crisis that can only be solved by world government.

For thesaurus Thursday, Xavier discusses Masque and Masquerade and it’s occultic usage in the modern lexicon amidst the Cerveza-Viral putsch mandates.

Other topics include;

  • How masks threaten your health in more ways than one
  • The Dominion Systems “S-election 2020” presidential race and Big Tech Censorship
  • Infection laws, COVID Crackdowns, Artificially Intelligent Surveillancification
  • Is Donald Trump legitimately a white-hat agent trying to resist the UN takeover?
  • The nature of Citizenship, Licensure, the social contract
  • Splinternet and the Dual Presidency Potential
  • Hologram Joe/President Harris as fictional deep state president vs. Trump and the MAGA TV network possibilities

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