Zetetic.news Cast Ep 9: Epstein-Maxwell Network Crimes Covered Up amidst Cerveza Viral Putsch

Davedave and Xavier Diamant unleash a storm of hot takes in this rundown / redux of episode 8 which was shot last week but did not reach publication due numerous technical audio issues. We cover the rise of decentralized video streaming service THETA and provide updates and insights related to the ongoing medical tyranny, proliferated by Billy Gates’ depopulation fantasies, and Alan Dershowitz’s demonstrably crazed demonic mania around the mandatory vaccination agenda before launching into a powerful discussion about the hijacking of science and history which is meant to create a false reality based on absurd narratives and a mythology based around plausible deniability and the occult manipulation of the masses.

Visit https://zetetic.news for the video component of this podcast and to proceed by inquiry.

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