Zetetic.News Cast 37 with Adam Green – The Sefirotic pseudoscience and theological subversion

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On the heels of a significant ZNN website update which saw the installation of Know More News to our “Live” menu among many others, we are excited to announce our hosting of KMN founder Adam Green on a very special episode #37 of the Zetetic.news Cast. Beyond the obvious “brother-in-arms” sentiment we share with many “truth seeking content creators” who are the subject of censorship, Adam’s material has been referenced many times in our presentations and for a keen listener there is a lot of key overlap in the topics we discuss. In particular, Xavier Diamant (ZNN Co-host/founder) has taken a specific interest in the influence of kabbalah on christianity, modern materialistic pseudoscience as well as the deceptive “judeo-dialectics” that we think Adam agrees – dominates geopolitics today. Also, Adam is an outspoken critic of Alex Jones / Infowars as a controlled opposition news outlet which is another common theme in our investigations and discussions.

We have invited Adam onto the show to review some pertinent video presentations highlighting the Jewish/Kabbalastic special interest infiltration of the sciences and discuss accordingly. For your reference, the source material and their relevant time codes are below:

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