Zetetic News Cast 34: CALL IN SHOW 1-855-877-5112 discussing solutions to sub silentio suicide

5/20/2022 update – in a first for our Channel YouTube has “locked in private” yesterday’s live stream, so we have uploaded the full video on Rumble. It is amazing to see how closely GooTube watches our content and how deeply it triggers them:

CALL IN LIVE 2-5 EST 5/18/2022: 1-855-877-5112

For episode 34 we will be kicking off the call in show with a special Thesaurus Thursday “word of the day” discussion about the latin phrase “Sub Silentio” and how insidious the psychologically matrix of fear has become through sub silentio mechanism.

Tying into this we will discuss potential research avenues and resources to form a basis for individual solutioning and asserting one’s rights in an administrative correspondence. We will also be touching on these major developments since our last show: Taxes and Lawfare, Rigflationomics, supply chain disruption, the revaluation Societal Breakdown, unenforceable laws, widespread staffing shortages Crypto market route, Terra/Luna / LP / DEFI flops, Tbill/Theta/Tfuel FUD NASA exhibit at Durham NC Museum of Life and Science NC based fluoride study to poison infants Throughout the show we will have the phone line open for anyone who wants to participate in the show. Feel free to join the conversation also in live chat or on our telegram channel: https://t.me/joinchat/VfQ97HVmygkZirqQ

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