Zetetic.news Cast 25 – The ET scenario and the Delta State of Humanity

In Episode 25 the core focus was an open discussion about the existence and true nature of what are commonly referred to as “Extra Terrestrials.” Episode 25’s Thesaurus Thursdays Word of the Day is “Delta” – we will discuss it’s etymology and potential innuendos or hidden meanings in contemporary settings.

As we look for the global power structure to make increasingly bold psyops in a desperate high stakes power struggle Dave Dave and Xavier Diamant were joined by special guests James Iredell and EricB, to discuss the predictive programming “et-threat” cosmologies which address beings that would appear to be “out of this world.”

Are they here already? What’s all the Pentagon UFO disclosures about? Or is this a Disney-esque holographic projection? This is an episode for the books.

We also provide up-to-date COVID-watch prognostications about near and mid term events given what has transpired on the medical martial law front since Episode 24.

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