Zetetic.news Cast 22 with BigDog1111

We bring BigDog1111 on to discuss the THETA protocol and it’s potential to help solve the monolithic online censorship which has permeated the biggest user-driven sites; YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc. This episode was live streamed on Theta Edge Cast and Theta.tv @ http://theta.tv/zeteticnewsnetwork10 !!

This leads to a wide ranging discussion on current events and developments. After BigDog departs the show we then discuss the next biggov Push – the fake alien invasion narrative which has long been one of the wild card hat tricks that the psychopathic elites wish to foist on the unsuspecting public for even more control.

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ZNN 24/7 Stream ID: 0x5e36e5e4a738a9d25e7e179fa845ace2eb00df21

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