The Concept of Contagion: A Parasitic Idea Seeded by Jesuit-Rosicrucian Occult Master, Athanasius Kircher

A generation before one of the main progenitors of “modern science”, Francis Bacon AKA Saint Germain, there was Athanasius Kircher, one of the first and foremost Jesuit “polymaths” of the pre-“Enlightenment” era whose jaw-droppingly wide-ranging conceptual influences have yet to be fully appreciated for their continued reverberations in the modern, secular “scientific” era. Terms and notions associated within the fields of medicine, archaeology, biology, geology, and Egyptology, far from being based in modern as well as scientific usage–like “contagion”– actually take their root from religiously motivated secret society luminaries like Kircher. The fact that this is far from widely understood today should give folks pause when they use the phrase “trust the medical experts, they know what’s best.”

An Excerpt from Manly P. Hall’s (33rd degree Freemason) “The All-Seeing Eye”… Hmmm, I wonder who and what that title could be referring to?

According to mainline historical accounts, Kircher (a high order Jesuit priest and highly prolific scholar in a dozen or so distinct fields of study) was motivated by the Plague in Rome (purportedly dated back to 1656) to use rudimentary microscope’s magnifying lens to peer at the blood of Plague victims through which he saw what he called “nearly invisible little worms”. This visual phenomena assisted by comparatively low resolution magnification led Kircher to compose his theory of disease called the “Scrutinium Pestis”. This work details the (alarmingly) influential but increasingly dubious suggestion that disease is transmitted by the migration of teeny little microscopic parasitic pests he called “animalculae” from one host organism to another by way of contact with the respective hosts’ bodies. Thus, according to Kircher, diseases like the Plague was posited as a solely external invasion by a kind of micro-superpredator that produced symptoms which were a sign of an infestation of these micro-pests.

This characterization of disease (and even how to avoid its purported infection/infestation) that was surmised by a Jesuit priest with the help of 1. very limited experimental insight and 2. a wildly inductive imagination actually fomented a school of medical thinking called “contagion theory” which was later adopted by Christian Lange in the early 18th Century, was heartily endorsed by the Royal Society a generation after that and just so happens to be a presumed operating principle, still, to this day, in mainline virology, microbiology and nanotechnology to this day–including the idea that quarantining and mask wearing are productive “mitigation efforts” in the prevention of “contagion transmission”. Yes, in 2020-2021 we are ordered to follow mid-1600s era “science” originally professed by Kircher.

Despite the utterly massive body of evidence and empirical line of inquiry that supports the conclusion that environmental conditions (also known as the the Terrain which supports biological systems) with toxic compounds, noxious elements or pervasive hostile fungi are the main contributing factors of illness, the primary area of investigation within much of “modern medicine” that classifies negative symptomology still very much depends on this (arcane) presupposition of microbial contagion that spontaneously emerge and struggle for survival by infecting host bodies.

Just a handful of months before the Covert-1984 Boogeybug psyop, there was a little known but highly concerning report that circulated about the increasing presence of Candida Auris, a potentially lethal fungus with an alarmingly high mortality rate, that just so happened to produce initial symptoms that were later ascribed to be indicative of Covid-19. Could this fungal threat within the *Terrain* of hospital environments be a potential silent killer that could be easily added to, say, a vaccine or PCR test while the CDC *actively refuses to sound the alarm about Candida Auris as a real environmental danger that exists within hospital environments* and instead continues to attribute Candida Auris deaths as part of the inflated Coronahoax, boogeybug fear campaign so that people rush into the very environments where this fungus is most pervasive? Food for thought.

As we have repeatedly mentioned in previous episodes, there is a real dearth of evidence regarding the origin of disease when it comes to trying to isolate an external, microbiological “contagion”; as in the Stephan Lanka case regarding Measles, for example. However, it is much more apparent to show the negative effects of environmental factors that contribute to toxicity in the form of deleterious fungal growth within affected organisms as being the basis for ailments and even death. Within the current medical coup/dystopic nightmare we find ourselves in, we are being sold a fraudulent narrative about the source of disease itself as a catalyzing pretext for the organized, statistical misattribution of death tolls as a basis for using mass scale pseudoscientific deception regarding what constitutes a real biological threat in order to drive misplaced fear into the heart of society for the purposes of trauma-bonding us, the people, into surrendering our biological autonomy to a predatory, corporatist-exterminist, medicalized technocracy “for our safety”. Same Hegelian formula as the Orwellian War on Terror but now it is a more all-encompassing, Huxleyan War on Health/Freedom that employs this spellcasting twist of using old world, occult power of suggestion tactics (propaganda alchemy) in the realm of medical fearmongering around disease to garner more power over us, the human resources.

Dr. Stephan Lanka breaks down the extremely fraudulent potential of the PCR test and the danger of trusting virology with any kind of diagnosis. He also provides some great additional resources for further research and insight into the burgeoning comeback of Terrain Reality against the establishment doctrine of Contagion/Germ Theory.

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