Multi-Market Catastrophe Looming Large: Is A Financial Reset on the Horizon?

Since the 2008 crash, central banks the world over have been injecting arbitrarily valued fiat monies into the artificially ballooned corporatist fugazzi known as the “free market” at a record pace. A handful of select major corporations have been living high on the hog as a result due to their cozy relationship with these central banks. The major world indices…

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Zetetic News Cast Episode 0 – The Epstein Saga

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:51:02 — 101.7MB)Subscribe: Google Podcasts | RSS Apologies up front to the early listeners – there is considerable fuzz and other artifacts in this recording – our audio engineering needs some work & we are working on this. Besides the many rough edges, we are proud to announce the first formal prototype…

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