Orange County NC Mulls “Gun Discharge Regulation”

Like all forms of government regulations, the ostensible reason for them is to “protect the government’s citizens.” Forgetting for a moment the inherently possessive paternalism of such ideology, one should watch with serious skepticism, the Orange County NC government “react” to complaints of gunfire near their residential development. Are OC Officials reacting to complaints, or pushing agendas that are handed…

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Zetetic News Cast Episode 1: Technocracy and Apocalypticism in the Modern Era

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:34:59 — 141.9MB)Subscribe: Google Podcasts | RSS In the first episode of the cast we break down the psychological stigmas around certain exotic technologies that are creeping humanity towards a controlled and degenerated state. We discuss everything from the normalization of geoengineering to the open roll out of an artificially intelligent…

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The Technetronic Era, Apocalypticism and Ponerocracy: Trajectories and Trends

In the era of AI “smart” tech and the psychosocially engineered dimming of human intelligence, it is not an understatement to say that the bottleneck of information processing is being relegated farther and farther away from human agency and oversight. Just a brief look into the formation of Technocracy Incorporated in 1933 will show that the scientific dictatorship envisioned by…

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