Zetetic.news Cast 40 LIVE! Call 1-855-877-5112 to win 400 Tfuel!

In Episode 40 of the Zetetic.news cast we will be celebrating our 40th month in operation and our 40th episode by awarding a show participant with 400 Tfuel! Due to multiple factors, some of which we will discuss on the show, we were prevented from having an episode in January. On behalf of zetetic.news we hope you had a great…

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ZNN Episode 15 Censored on Youtube with >200 subscribers, earn Tfuel watching Zetetic.news cast censor-less on THETA Edgecast

We’re very excited for THETA lab’s introduction of Theta Edgecast, the first fully decentralized video streaming DApp that is 100% built on Theta’s native blockchain technology with smart contracts. This technology stack includes the ability to capture video, transcode it in real-time, cache and relay to users globally all through Theta’s peer-to-peer edge network composed of over 2000 edge nodes…

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Episode 3: Finders, Epstein, Space Hoax, Economic Meltdown, Gun Grabbing, Baghdadi’s Dead Again, Oh My!

In this third episode, DaveDave and Xavier Diamant welcome fellow investigator and researcher Orthogonal Reptilian as they convene a meeting of the minds surrounding topics that encompass a broad but important range.

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