Orange County NC Mulls “Gun Discharge Regulation”

Like all forms of government regulations, the ostensible reason for them is to “protect the government’s citizens.” Forgetting for a moment the inherently possessive paternalism of such ideology, one should watch with serious skepticism, the Orange County NC government “react” to complaints of gunfire near their residential development.

  • Are OC Officials reacting to complaints, or pushing agendas that are handed down from on high?
  • Are these officials interested in promoting safety or are they interested in adding more leverage to control citizens?
  • If the county attorney admits the ordinance is “essentially unenforceable,” why are they spending so much time considering it?
  • Do the officials respect private property, or claim jurisdiction over it?
  • Does the county attorney salivate at this project or is he a begrudging employee doing his job?

Proceed by Inquiry.

As reported on the Daily Tarheel ( :

The workshop began with a presentation by County Attorney John Roberts. Roberts said this past spring, the board heard complaints from local residents about gunfire near their residential development and bullets found in gutters. He said he was asked to inform the board about possibilities for gun discharge regulations.

According to the City Attorney John Roberts who assembled this presentation, it “is not a recommendation or a proposal or a suggestion,” he said. “It’s just information for the board to give you an idea of what this would look like and, if the board wants to pursue it, a lot more work would need to go into this.”

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