Morphological Tyranny: Dangers of the New Triple Entente Against Western Powers in the Present Time

The United States is increasingly becoming the primary target of the 21st century brand of International Communism which has morphed into a very perfidious brand of Bio-Leninist Totalitarian Technocracy. The same ilk of financial saboteurs and their accompanying color revolutions that have sunk copious nations into the hands of oligarchical collectivism via the IMF, WBO, BIIS, WHO and the broader UN Agenda 21/2030 are now in full effect in the once dubbed Land of the Free.

Prior to the 9/11 National Security State hostile takeover coup, the long-ranging ideology of tyranny that brought us the great depression, 2 world wars and funded the rise of modern autocracy was upheld by an incrementalist approach toward communism led by the Fabian Socialist bloc via the Federal Reserve, City of London, Bank of England and a dozen or so blue-bloodline families and their respective corporatist-statist combines. As a result, Oligopolist Socialism was already firmly established in the halls of power within the United States for most of the 20th Century.

It is important to note that The United States was essentially abolished in secret as a constitutional republic (if it was ever one in the first place) and was transmogrified into a closed-door governance enterprise (similar to Rome) and has not operated under a truly capitalistic, directly democratic or actual republican paradigm but rather a hybridized corporatist-socialist-monopolist-statist system masquerading as a “people’s democratic republic” since (at least) 1912.

Most of the travesties of the 20th Century could have been avoided more readily had this oligarchical collectivist system of full spectrum dominance had not taken hold under the “academic statesman” leadership of Woodrow Wilson, who was used as the “internationalist” sock puppet of choice in the effort to usher in the horrors of the Bolshevist brand of communist overthrow throughout eastern Europe and Russia leading up to the first world war–the very brand of communism that would morph a little more than a hundred years later under the guise of a public health emergency in order to further ensnare the Western nations.

Unfortunately, people still look to “academics” today as supposedly wise guardians of knowledge when in fact they are highly susceptible to being the most compromising, least principled, spineless people due to their ongoing fealty to a behaviorist regurgitation system that rewards them with titles and credentials for going along with a predetermined programming matrix called modern education. This form of education is really just another guild system that trains people to comply to a prepackaged worldview that rewards fetid egotism, mindless sycophantry as it punishes dissenting perspectives. Hence, the catastrophic rise in “higher education” has actually created a population of head-nodding lemmings ripe for seemingly perpetual abuse by those who profit off of keeping such cowardly, credentialed, sycophantic “experts” in positions of authority.

After the long pre-meditated 9/11 false flag attacks–orchestrated primarily by Israeli intelligence networks operating as spies, traitors and moles within Britain and the United States–the accelerationist agenda led by the zionist-fascist, Project for the New American Century “neocons” operating under the satanic auspices of “preemptive war” began to ramp up the operating procedure of demoralization of the Western Nations. By sending close to a hundred thousand young men into the never-ending meat grinder of the Greater Israel Project in the Middle East under the false guise of fighting suicidal Islamic terrorists (somehow managing to perfectly outsmart the most sophisticated military superpower in world history by performing physically impossible acts on buildings designed to withstand exponentially more damage than what was claimed to be the cause of their destruction) the public was effectively put under the spell of shock and awe, a seemingly neverending hypnosis maintained by a kaleidescope of lies that was reiterated 24/7 for years on end and still grips the imagination of a still-too-large segment of the population who think about 9/11. The fact that the true architects of this attack were never rooted out and held accountable for their mass murderous treason triggered the deepening of tyranny we have seen over the past 20 years since.

Trillions were absconded from the Western Nations as a result of this egregious war. This depraved wartime deception was essential in forming a program of national degradation which precipitated the normalization of institutionalized theft, grand larceny and openly brutal economic sabotage that was to be just around the corner. The (unending) War of Terror was a crucial prelude to the massive heist known as the Financial Crisis of 2008.

By acclimating the populace to a virtually infinite, tax-payer subsidization of the military industrial complex under the false pretense of a foreign threat–while the actual perpetrators of 9/11 continued to amass more unprecedented power internationally–these abominable power brokers, warlocks really, knew that it was simply a matter of turning up the propaganda dials before the same traumatized public would accept another deceptive narrative when it came time to more fully consolidate the economic levers of finance in the hands of the burgeoning technocratic beast system.

After the controlled demolition of the last miniscule vestiges of Western open markets in 2008 and the coronation of “planned economies” by central bank policy kibitzing, it was time to put the proverbial icing on the cultural war cake by front-running the CIA pedigreed, Manchurian candidate pretty boy Barack Obama. Under Obama, the United States underwent the most aggressive propaganda assault against gun rights, parental rights, property rights and civic relations in US history.

By accelerating and deepening the broad based, blood libel invectives against the European heritage population of the West by framing current populations who “fit” within this broadbrush “white” demographic as being the sole, collective and contemporary source of blame for the bulk of historical problems and grievances with all non-white “communities of color”, the supposedly yet superficially righteous legacy of MLK Jr. and “civil rights” was intentionally inverted in order to fulfill its true subversive purpose–to create an ahistorical blame game nightmare in order to justify wealth redistribution in the form of “reparations”–a massive intergenerational betrayal that only Obama’s postmodernist-nihilist-existentialist role models, Franz Fanon and Jean Paul Sartre, could dream up. See Fanon’s “Wretched of the Earth” and Sartre’s preface to that same book for more details.

While America’s domestic landscape and international reputation was being further pummeled by the Obama-era genocidal nihilists, the multi-decade economic toll of NAFTA and CAFTA was directly, and by design, rapidly elevating China into becoming the new model for totalitarian experimentation and collectivist enrichment. The once mighty, productive and largely self-sufficient industrial prominence of the United States was intentionally decimated decade by decade in the post-WW2 and what remained was channeled towards destructive, senseless ends as epitomized by the neo-bolshevik/zio-fascist War of Terror.

This combination of outsourcing virtually all of the productive industry to China, while increasing foreign energy dependence as well as continuing to interlock intelligence operations with Israel (whose Mossad has always had close links with the KGB in Russia) only served to bolster the formation of a Russo-Sino-Israeli alliance whose only real, big picture weakness was the lack of Eurasian supracontinental infrastructure linking these (re)-emerging powers and their expanding technological, energy and economic potentials together. This weakness has, for all intents and purposes, been remedied with the formation of the Belt and Road initiative, much of which was funded by Israeli aid monies funneled from the United States tax payer plantation. Oh the irony.

After all, China, Russia and Israel are, when you excavate their respective modern national formations, ideologically communistic. Maoism, Stalinism and the Zionism-Bolshevism dialectic within Judeotyranny are all inextricably linked in their affiliation with ethnostatism, totalitarianism and tribalism. All of these ideological aims bolster the formation of a top-down collectivistic hegemony, especially when fused together. All three communist states use the veneer of “capitalism” to say they have “reformed” their communistic pasts but any serious study of the financial interests that formed and continue to back these three nations will reveal this window dressing yarn for what it is: mere geopolitical posturing for the bought off presstitutes, aka the mockingbird media, to regurgitate day in and day out to the largely oblivious masses.

Some might like to point to the emergence of Trump on the political stage as some kind of unexpected jolt to this collectivist encirclement and a proverbial monkey wrench in this design to entente the US. While there are certainly some superficial deviations in his campaign rhetoric as well as his rather histrionic displays of “outsider” behavior which seem to justify such an analysis at first glance, upon further examination into his financial ties to Rothschild banks that bailed out his debt-ridden casinos in the 90’s, his highly shady business and family connections (Epstein, Kushner, Netanyahu cough cough), his egregious cabinet appointments that rivaled any “swamp creature” from previous administrations (S. Mnunchin, W. Ross, M. Pompeo), his open groveling to pro-Israeli vultures and their preferential foreign policies against US interests (not to mention his longstanding hobnobbing allegiances to Chabad Lubavitch)–to name but a few red flags–there is no other serious analytical option but to come to the conclusion that Trump was a limited hangout distraction, a bone throw appeasement, a way to temporarily pacify the massively disenfranchised, unjustly vilified and culturally mocked European heritage population in the US in the wake of the ongoing Obama-inspired lumpenproletariat attacks.

The sole silver lining of the Trump years, in the author’s estimation, is the overall increase in awareness regarding the brokenness of the dog and pony show better known as the tel-aviv-vision, two party duopoly stranglehold over the electoral process. However, this awakening to the sick farce we call governmental (mal)representation has been long in the making–Trump merely accelerated and amplified the discontent that was already bubbling under the glossy, plasticized surface presented to the public as “law and order”.

Alas, as a control measure to this increasing discontent (that is not at all limited to or even best exemplified by the US), the WEF Cult of Schwaub unleashed their decades-in-the-making plandemic assault on the worldwide population, especially the Western nations. Indeed, without the shabbos lackey Trump and his designated role as appeaser to the disenfranchised “deplorables”, there would have been far too much rancor from the dispossessed “right” for the Renegade Chosen to have scaled up this plandemic the way they desired. With Trump in office though, the parasitic “elite” had their perfect “outsider” scapegoat ready to deploy the weaponized roll-out of “Operation Warpspeed”.

The sheer democidal havoc this plandemic assault has sown (and will continue to sow if the general public does’t fully awaken from and repudiate their mass media lobotomization slumber and start demanding actual accountability) has been brought to us courtesy of the largely Jewish-controlled Big Pharma lobby in direct *lockstep* alliance with triple-dipped Jesuit scumbag medical inquisitors like Fauci and megalomaniac misanthropic filth like Gates. This odious combination of depraved interests, if left undestroyed, will likely dwarf the 20th Century communist assaults against human dignity and sovereignty in a fraction of the time.

Thus, the 21st century ideological update of communistic tyranny has morphed to surpass bolshevism, zionism, stalinism and maoism in its destructive breadth by dovetailing in elements of corporatocracy, technocracy, medicalized fascism and vulture capitalism in order to further and more fully subjugate and eventually exterminate larger and larger swaths of the world populace. A beast system that can be summarized as fascocommunist neofeudalism combined with technocratic oligarchy. As a remedy to this morphology of power, there are obvious starting points.

Firstly, the asymmetric possibilities for sabotage and subterfuge against this Leviathan system are vast and replete. For every billion dollars of stolen money deployed against the people by the acolytes of satan, a few million dollars worth of calculated investments in the form of alternative economics, parallel society networks and dissident media initiatives can rapidly subdue the harm of the former attack vectors. This is because the maintenance of deception is always more costly than the dissemination of verity, regardless of how suppressed such truths may become. And while there is important insight in the notion that a big lie can make its way half way around the world before truth can gets its pants on, once truth starts to build momentum, it becomes a matter of time before the proverbial tortoise of truth beats the hare of deception.

Secondly, the mass withdrawal of consent, participation, cooperation and fealty to the oppressive occupation authority structures becomes an inevitable matter of common sense and necessity the more tyranny has to resort to brazen uses of force and insidious propaganda to further its aims. This is due to the underlying, fundamental weakness of tyrannical structures: no matter how sophisticated evil becomes (and indeed evil has become quite sophisticated as this article has detailed) it inexorably jumps the proverbial gun by all too quickly by creating undesirable conditions that eventually leads to rapid defection within its own ranks and eventual non-compliance amongst broader and broader demographics before it can accomplish its ultimate goal of full spectrum domination. As the saying goes, the night is always darkest before the dawn and indeed it is an unfortunate tendency for human societies to wait until the most dire hour to act accordingly against tyrannical regimes since it is usually only at such a time when enough people en masse feel like they have nothing else to lose.

This realization is akin to the Hansel and Gretel fable in which the two protagonists eventually see the obvious objective of the witch who wants to eat them because the witch can’t help but show her hand by demanding that they pile into the oven after they have been fattened up. Yet, where the beast system is allegorically tied to the fabled witch, we as the people need to pull the proverbial switcheroo just as Gretel did to the witch.

Thirdly, if and when it comes to physical warfare, guerilla tactics have demonstrated that a few thousand dollars of monkey wrenching can wreck and even commandeer hundreds millions of dollars worth of enemy infrastructure not to mention the fact that there is a vastly disproportionate ratio of increasingly higher quality personnel that can cause damage to the beast system versus the increasingly low quality of personnel that end up trying to enforce and protect it.

In closing, this rundown of the geopolitical morphology of present day power structures is designed to not only encapsulate, reduce and ultimately dispel the dread and pandaemonium that has befallen the world by providing a generalized analysis of pertinent events and persons leading up to the current predicament but also to supply a framework for identifying the contemporary cadres and power blocs that are most enthusiastic in waging this spiritual war of attrition in the present day. The more we can name, identify, and apply a higher and higher resolution of focus with an eye for discovering just how often the perpetrators-as-benefactors thesis is proven true, the more obvious and potentially precipitous the demise of the powers-that-ought-not-be will become.

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