From Bird Flu to Hemmorhagic Fever: More Boogeybug Psychosis and Egregious Tyranny To Coverup Ongoing Rise in Vaccine Deaths and Economic Misery

Since the Covidiocracy has taken an apparent back seat in tandem with the rollout of the new wag-the-dog psyop, perpetual conflict zone, war theater of Russia vs. Ukraine, various “public health” restrictions (read: demoralization measures) have seen some easing and folks have moved onto embracing other facets of the new normal: breakneck inflation of basic goods, unprecedented market manipulation, all-time high wealth discrepancies and supply chain upheavals. All the while, most folks not realizing that unless the “emergency powers” that coronated medical totalitarianism around the world are entirely stripped from federal and state gov bodies and the purveyors responsible for it are brought to hardcore justice, the same deep misanthropic exterminist scum that orchestrated it can bring the nightmare back at any time and worsen it.
…Nothing to see here….just send more monies to Zelinsky in Ukraine or you are an evil Putinist
Jesuit trained psychopath and treasonous scum at large, Robert Redfield, wants you to believe every bit of tyranny during the coronahoax putsch was entirely justified because it was all just a warm-up for the “real pandemic”.
Among other takedowns related to the misleading, new Stew Peters/Brian Ardis “Watch the Water” disinfo, Joe breaks down how the boogeybug pseudoscience industrial complex will resort to desperate measures to coverup the obvious elephant in the room: that the weaponized covid injections masquerading as treatment for the cervezavirus are accelerating death tolls amidst high levels of ongoing environmental toxicity which, in combination, are continuing to cull the “useless eater” herd at alarming rates.
The medical leader of Jesuit-trained control freak menaces to society himself says recently that there should, in effect, be no such thing as civil rights and constitutional liberties so long as a public health emergency is declared. “Not an issue for the courts” says the guy who should have been already been tried swiftly for treason several times over and hanged in the public square.
Meanwhile the writing on the wall from the Bank of Israel: De-dollarization is inevitable. Will the World Reserve currency status of the dollar be upset before 2030?
Coordinated sabotage of major food supply chains is ramping up neobolshevik style in America. “You control the food, you control the people”–Henry Kissinger
The two titans of trend forecasting talk deteriorating economics, warmongering, government corruption and potential responses to the mounting economic catastrophes.

As ZNN has reported for over 2 years now, the hoi oligoi are pulling out all the stops to quell the worldwide truth and independence revolution against the defunct, crumbling “global” economic stranglehold by the psychopathic tribalist pedocracy. Covid has been shown in replete fashion to be one of the largest, openly pseudoscientific, nakedly fraudulent assaults against human civilization, fully equipped with a prepositioned, tikkun olam, thanatoid injection as the preferred “miraculous treatment”. The attempt at sparking WW3 with Russia v. Ukraine is in part a longstanding wag the dog crisis mechanism that was architected by the likes of Zbig Brzezinski and H. Kissinger. A perfect avenue to cement a new perpetual conflict zone designed to elevate the neobolshevik ballot heist takeover of America that is in full swing under yet another pedomafia puppet Biden regime. Look over here, the evil Russians are at it again! Anyone who believes the 2-bit reporting around Ukraine needs a reality check: both Ukraine and Russia are controlled by the same tribalistic interests that want to see Israel’s borders span from the Mediterranean to India courtesy of “greatest ally” fund siphoning; the same monopolists who wish to profit from the Belt and Road Initiative while the West is shorted into the ground; the same chosen folks who want to see the third Gog and Magog war to usher in end times apocalyptic prophecy fulfillment. They will stop at nothing in order to prevent a Great Reckoning from going truly metastatic. Fortunately for the common folk, the Great Reckoning is inexorably on our side because we already have so much less to lose compared to those arrogantly parading around in Emperor’s Clothes.

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