FED Scripted Housing/Energy/Fuel/Food Crisis Is Opening Salvo in the Second American Not-So-Civil War

As we approach the proverbial precipice across most of the world markets, the housing crash of 2008 is increasingly starting to resemble just a petite minor prelude, a mere warm-up amounting to a preliminary fine tuning exercise compared to the slow motion trainwreck/orchestrated crescendo breakdown of all the over-leveraged, funny money rigged markets, real estate included. In all likelihood, the coming American Nightmare will start to rapidly erase the naive dreams of those who thought keeping up with the proverbial Joneses was the bread and butter of successful societies. The wakeup call will probably not dawn on these folks until the weaponized austerity agenda is on their front doorstep, literally.

All too common. Imagine what can happen during a domestic crisis with a renegade government acting like a cornered rat.

Massive destabilization has already began to accelerate in the wake of the Dybbuk=Covid intergenerational trauma bonding ritual. This paper tiger threat that morphed into a full blown medical tyranny putsch was designed to keep people in a state of perpetual fear by hyperbolizing the fictitious science of “catching” contagions from their fellow human beings. This pseudoscientific, predatory medicabal assault provided a near perfect pretext to more easily surveil, subjugate and subordinate larger and larger population segments by dividing, atomizing and preventing organized assembly that sought to resist this worldwide, premeditated, highly coordinated pandemania by shutting down and sabotaging wide swaths of economic activity (while simultaneously encouraging the nihilistic, racialized lumpenproletariat vengeance politics in the form of BLM/Antifa of course).

ZNN has often discussed the wide-ranging consequences of this manufactured boogeybug psychosis amongst the population. Lemming psychology, mass Stockholm syndrome, rapid health and cognitive decline, and learned helplessness and moral-social-cultural-political paralysis are but a few of the desired effects that have befallen the masses in the wake of the “free trial” of communo-technocratic world governnance directed by exterminist misanthropes at the helm of the pseudoscience industrial complex. With major pharmaceutical firms, the SocMed corps, parasitic thinktanks like the WEF, WHO and their affiliated color-of-law bureaucracies are rapidly and brazenly maneuvering to make national self-determination (especially of so-called Western nations–which, despite decades of rampant degeneracy and massive cultural erosion, still have the highest levels of live-and-let-live, autonomous ethics compared to the largely autocratic “developing” nations) a mere fantasy from a bygone era.

Skyrocketing impoverishment metrics, horrendously expanding suicide rates, both petty and violent crime surpassing previous records from the early 1990’s in city after city; rampant hardcore drug abuse out in the open throughout urban inner cities and under bridges throughout the de-industrialized ghost towns not to mention the increasingly abandoned, out of the way rural regions; widening familial disconnections, separatistic dissolution of friend networks and inter-community wreckage are becoming merely adaptable facets of the “new normal” for more and more people.

Suffice to say, these glaringly dystopic conditions are not iust “on the rise”, they are just a few of the tell-tale signs that the opening salvo of a systemic conflagration–the likes of which no one currently alive has directly witnessed–is on the imminent horizon. These egregious declines are perhaps most easily exemplified on an economic level by the alarming paucity of affordable housing availability, heinous inflation metrics, crippled supply lines, not to mention systematically underreported mass unemployment: much of which is due to the decimation of autochthonous industries via outsourcing, deliberately stagnated wage growth, increasingly undesirable/hostile workplace conditions and an overabundance of dead-end, soul-sucking, low-wage corporate serfdom positions devoid of meaningful pursuit.

Due to the confluence of runaway inflation metrics, engineered undersupply and unbridled, mafioso monetarist speculation by firms like Blackstone Group, Vanguard, Blackrock and their respective subsidiaries sopping up already overpriced human habitats as mere portfolio items grafted into their broader money laundering ventures, the middle class is disappearing faster than toilet paper in the spring of 2020.
One of the primary ways to combat these systems of impoverishment and immiseration is to educate yourself in how to extricate your consent, your monies, your labor, your data and identity from the sub silentio paternalist plantation, which has become a lifelong struggle and discipline due to the sheer gigantism of the parasitic hoi oligoi “state”.

Peymon lays out some common sense, readily implementable strategies to start making serious dents in the armor of the beast system.

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