Epstein Saga: Only The Beginning

Since the July 4th weekend came to a close, the news cycle in the research community has been dominated by the Jeffrey Epstein case. For good reason. Surely seeing an overprivileged pervert getting his long overdue, just desserts will provide the right admixture of dismay and confusion to bombard American audiences with a new round of depraved social engineering that we have all grown to expect from those who get to live high on the “exclusive access” hog. With all the induced rancor, why not keep the indignation-based trauma-bonding ongoing to include big household names? Former presidents? Royalty? The current president? Any number of big celebrities, high powered academic or public intellectual could be implicated. Imagine the possibilities for the moulding of the public mind as a result of all this outrageous, hellacious behavior. Who knows, maybe even the guttered mainstream media tv ratings will start to bounce back now that people have a reason to tune in on the latest coverage of “Who Wants to Kill a Billionaire?”…. Or Not. Of course the MSM will continue to whitewash this case and sequester any and all information that would lead to a more in-depth investigation. Like they always do.

Left to Right: Roy Cohn, Les Wexler, Ronald Lauer, Robert Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein

In the advent of his alleged death on August 10th, the way this case has been rolled out in the mainstream has all the hallmarks of what is known among CIA analysts as a “limited hangout operation”. I say this in large part because I see a pattern in the timing of the commencement and developments of this case which may be adding a whole new element of social engineering advantageousness for the psychopathic oligarchs and the broader, longer term, cultural degradation project of polymorphous hypersexualization they wish to instate. Beyond the usual ability to distract, deflect and redact public consciousness regarding the extent of the perfidious wrongdoing within the circles of the hoi-oligoi (which is now fully synchronized with many peoples’ day-to-day informational intake), the public mind is now saturated with a slew of depraved activities that, as is unfolding daily, are still operating with virtual impunity.

Ghislaine Maxwell (Where is she?)

This hyper-normalization of the very partial, tip-of-the-iceberg style coverage of elite criminality and the abject villainy that accompanies it isn’t all good news pointing in the right direction vis-a-vis draining the proverbial “swamp”. There is a nonchalant, naive realism attached to the passing references regarding these highly traumatic, grievous transgressions committed and perpetuated by the upper echelons of society in terms of its impact on the socio-cultural imagination when it comes to mainstream coverage of these issues. It’s almost as if the Overton Window has moved towards a defeated “might as well get used to it” vantage point when it comes to the horrific scale of these perverse networks.

see www.ancreport.com for in depth analysis of these connections

Albeit, the extent of the Epstein disclosure has an ulterior and indeed occult motivation in the form of sympathetic magick because it serves the purposes of acclimating the populace to a mental state that interprets the seemingly unstoppable precedence of elite predation and depravity (despite the horrific nature of the abuses) and their juggernaut methods of tyranny and avoiding punishment as an inevitability. This is referred to in esoteric circles as Revelation of the Method.

Pretty much everywhere you look our reality is imbued with some variety of deceit or another. This widespread duplicity has reached such a level of pervasive impunity that people are beginning to enjoy the succumbing to the Beast System–despite the widespread, naive egotism that so-called “progress within this system” is helping to make the world a “better place”.

I contend that the conditioned mentality of learned helplessness on the part of the body politic may be so thoroughly ingrained on the level of foundational morality that most people are so anesthetized to the outrage and indignation within themselves that ought to accompany these criminal discoveries on a wider scale that they would rather just tune it out in favor of the wide abundance of various mass appeal escapisms, consumerist bread-and-circus fixations.

This is precisely what the cabal parasites want: for us to continue to bury our heads in the sands of complacency in the hope that some heroic-savior contingent, some heretofore nonspecific “white-hat” brigade is behind the scenes working for justice within the belly of the beast. Just the opposite is happening. This has been made obvious an absurdly copious amount of times: that our political establishment, our supposedly “advanced” civilization has been subverted to the level of a perverse mockery by highly nepotistic, heavily protected, reprobate extorters and control freaks who know no bounds and have no conscience or qualm with wrecking any last vestige of honor that remains intact in order to achieve their apocalyptic objectives and sociopathic ends. Such a realization is essential to qualitative ponerology and diagnostic honesty; both of which are required to digest the deeper aspects of the manifestation and interoperability of evil in our times. We all must take up the helm of the archangel Michael in doing all of our individual part in subduing the unleashed beasts of modernity that have been pillaging human society for well over a hundred years now.

We all have this gut feeling that a spiritual war has been waging and that those who stand on the side of genuine truth understand that the archetype of Archangel Michael is an exemplar of where human destiny needs to be going. The alternative is that the Beast tames us and then consumes us for lack of courage in the face of evil.

What is more, there is an increasing likelihood that much of this new elite scandal to throw a (supposed) billionaire pedophile under the bus by adding on “new yet old” charges brought against him in a timeframe prior to his 2007 “sentencing” involving recently resigned Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta–in which Epstein was able to get what can accurately be called a “get out of (real) jail free” card for being some sort of alleged “intelligence” asset–is, ultimately, a form of old news made fresh. These most recent charges against Epstein were from 2002-2005. Not last month, not last year, no ongoing investigation into the “intelligence” network nodes that continue to operate with anonymity and impunity, only 13-16 year old charges on 13-16 year old girls. The extent of these recent charges only implicated the Manhattan mansion apartment (curiously donated to Epstein by Les Wexler of Victoria’s Secret for–honk honk–$1) and the Palm Beach villa estate. Alas, mainstream press on the subject of the sextortion airplane, the Lolita Express, the infamous “Orgy Island” and the New Mexico “breeder” ranch where the who’s who of Hollywood and DC have repeat “get-togethers” is few and far between (note: there’s golden domed ritual temple on the Little St. James island with underground infrastructure on the island).

What is becoming apparent is that the octopian nexus that undergirds the largely incestuous and heavily intertwined nature of these heinous crime rings will only become more apparent to those who have learned to take the Corporatist News Networks, et al, with a grain of salt (at best) and start paying attention to the hushed details while reading in between the lines of the transparently bogus mainline narratives about world events.

too bad coverup rugs don’t come in size infinity

It’s not mere coincidence that only a day after the court documents detailing actual names of personages alleged to be connected in some capacity to Epstein including celebrities, academics and politicos ad nauseum, he winds up “dead” from “suicide”. How convenient. No more trial, no more catastrophic disclosures of how compromised and despicable the entire edifice of power is in society, all this bad news will eventually be dropped down the memory hole never to be discussed again, right? Wrong. In my estimation, the sheer scale of what was being revealed within the Epstein case is a tell-tale sign that the shock and awe of the abhorrent nature of power in the upper echelons of society is only the beginning. As times goes on, all “official” resolutions to these revelations, like Epstein’s supposed “suicide”, will become more and more paltry, more and more pathetic until the only people who uphold the lie-ridden explanations are the very same complicit liars that spew them. At such a juncture, perhaps even the most bamboozled establishmentarians among us will start getting a clue and realize how late the hour really is when it comes to salvaging our culture and civilization.

‘Whatever you do, just ignore the elephant in the room that is elitist psychopathy and their culture of predatory sexualism’

Even still, the sentiment behind the phrase “if you want to know who rules over you, just figure out who you aren’t allowed to criticize” rings true here because, apparently, if you are “well-connected” enough, “rich” enough and “insulated” from public scrutiny enough you can get away with literally the most unconscionable things imaginable so long as you have that “special something” that everyone wants kept under wraps.
This bring us to the ancillary benefit that could be derived from all this MSM revisionist whitewashing of Epstein’s sex crime coverage.

-Frederick Douglass

Even in the midst of this widening culpability net–that does allude to a wider blackmailing operation of key political figures by an intelligence agency (Mossad connections are by far the most pervasive via the Ghislaine Maxwell lead) leveraging clandestinely recorded video of these politico’s transgressive sexual predation as evidence in exchange for political favors–the likelihood of the full extent of this corruption, including its ongoing, contemporary networks, coming to the light of full disclosure as a result of this case in particular is, unfortunately, almost nonexistent now that the primary culprit is “out of the picture”.

someone needs to actually make this movie

But that doesn’t mean that Epstein’s demise won’t be projected far and wide under the umbrella of an isolated pervert who “escaped justice” due to mere “incompetence” of prison guards or whatever other lame excuses lackeys in the Justice Department come up with. Such terminally false explanations are obviously specious diversions designed to lead the masses down an investigative cul-de-sac so that they get back to their neofeudal existence and not trouble their little minds about it any longer. Everyone is just supposed to swallow hook, line and sinker this “isolated incident/anomalous pervert” crap like it’s self-evident. It just shows how flimsy the whole Karl Rove derived “we define reality” propaganda tricks are becoming when it comes to these coverups. The scripting is getting lazier and the tyranny is more in-your-face and this is why establishment media and governmental fixtures continue to lose legitimacy and credibility all over the world more and more everyday despite their ongoing hubris in thinking no one is noticing that their hegemony over information is falling…fast

The establishment’s control over perception around major events is already over the cliff but they keep running nonetheless

What is more, it may have passed by most people’s radar but just to remind folks, the public has been primed for this kind of press saga for quite some time now. The fetishization of deviant sexual appetites via various celebrity depictions, the media presentations and ongoing productions has increased exponentially since the beginning of the 21st Century. One need not look further than the 50 Shades of Grey movies which glamorize wealthy business men engaging in BDSM and other forms of deviant sexual behavior, or the very recent *Teen Vogue article* on sex work as “real, valuable work”, the “transpocalypse” with all its overtly Baphomet inspired exhibitionism coupled with the “Dezmond is Amazing” child sexualization agenda, aspects of the MeToo Movement, the Kavanaugh/Ford showdown, the revival of legal arguments that seek to disestablish age of consent laws, the general trend of “human rights” encompassing more and more wide-ranging and ambiguous desires and preferences. The broader effort to break the spiritual Will of mankind by trying to gaslight people into accepting depravity as virtuous, perversity as sophistication and psycopathic behaviors as intelligent activity has been under way for quite some time.

There is a common thread that links the Freemasonic, Thanatoid Occultist, Jesuit Order and Talmudist-Kabbalist agendas: to corrupt the intrinsic spirituality and innate morality of our consciousness with various forms of syncretic heresies. All of which are designed to warp one’s relationship to Christ with a host of substitutionary worship procedures, rituals and secret societal affiliations to the powers and principalities of the world. These counterfeit spiritualities are directly controlled by the fallen angels (agents of Ahriman) who govern the physical plane we call “Planet Earth”.

The level of predictive programming involved here has produced a perfect storm within the public consciousness: by allowing these heinous revelations of upper crust society to be disseminated to the masses as essentially yet another headline to simply shrug off, the pump is primed for more out-in-the-open legislative pushes for “children’s rights” as yet another category of sexual liberation and identity politics vis-a-vis the precedent that has already been set within the realm of LGBT “equality”. Indeed, this multifaceted psyop attack is only the beginning since it exemplifies the age-old attempt of empowered evil to enslave mankind in the shackles of baser instincts, the chains of distorted absurdities masquerading as ethical consideration and the widespread normalization of nihilistic apathy and reprobate fantasies.

This book is marketed to elementary school children as a part of the increasingly early exposure to “sexual education”.

These times are rife with conflict, subversion, confusion and acrimony. The best way to rise above it is to realize that reality is not what it appears and that the simplistic explanations peddled by the mainstream which manipulate popular opinion and later become commonly held misapprehensions are far from a safe haven if one is to intelligibly navigate the rising tide of these totalitarian methods of obfuscation and mind control.


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