Episode 10: Covidiocracy and the USSA Civil War

In our 10th episode Orthogonal Reptilian joins in-studio to help us break down the latest news in our collective discension to complete covidiocracy.  This includes the political ‘trans’formation of the Covid-lockdown unity to a completely tribal alternative with the aim of fighting a new invisible enemy – “systemic racism” which turns out to be a convenient excuse for agent provacateurs and hordes of useful marxist idiots to rape steal and pillage.  

We also discuss the latest manifestations of the “Mark” of the beast which has presented itself as a state mandated “Mask” which you must wear to buy and sell. Amazingly, and not least of all, it was reported Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested by the FBI earlier in the day.  Was she? or is this another deep fake head fake? 

This & more informed speculation in a pre-July 4th special!  Proceed by inquiry….


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