Democracy Died In Broad Daylight A Long Time Ago

The slogan of the Washington (Com)Post is the laughable “Democracy Dies In Darkness”, implying that without the bastion of the free press that the people would be kept in the dark and those in power would operate with impunity as none of their abuses reach the light of day. But, as irony would have it, the real “free press” has been shadow-banned, memory-holed, algorithmically censored and is mostly “no longer available” on the major media platforms.

To merely connect the dots between exposés like this to the obvious election fraud of last month will get you “fact checked” and your content censored on the major SocMed gatekeeper outlets.

The reality is, the endemic corruption of the established order and its crony, parasitic personnel has been so brazen for so long. Very few corruptocrats have been held accountable for the gargantuan tally of truly unforgivable crimes that have been committed. Of course the system’s tyranny and rampant fraud is out in the open, clear as day and in everyone’s face. Yet, the most frightening component of this hypernormalization of hidden-in-plain-view deceit and the trauma bonding assaults against basic freedoms isn’t just the rise of the tyranny itself; plenty of horrible despots and oppressive regimes have emerged throughout history and they have been resisted and removed (if only to perpetually re-emerge under new guises). Rather, it’s the coordinated, polyvalent manufacturing of consent and the programmed willingness of the oppressed masses to see the unfolding of the tyranny as the only (insert claptrap term of your choosing here: progressive, scientific, compassionate, enlightened, environmentally friendly, socially responsible) way forward that is the biggest problem we face. The powers that ought not be know full well they don’t have the enforcement power to physically subdue the great Gulliver of popular revolt. They know full well that technological subterfuge, media lies, false flags and political chicanery only works for so long and to a diminishing extent over time.

This CFR kibitzing presentation lays bare the controlled demolition ideology of totalitarian technocratic “governance” as the basis for “new political processes” that will supercede so-called modern democracies.

However, the real ace up the sleeve of the grand poobahs is the long term propensity for the masses (thanks to hardcore psychosocial conditioning around compliance, conformity and collectivism for the past two generations) to simply trust authority to keep them “safe”. Just a cursory review of all the mantras of intellectual abdication people have internalized that reinforce the sentiment of “there are smarter people than me out there who know what’s best for everyone therefore they are to be trusted” is sufficiently illustrative of the point.

This is why the pseudoscience industrial complex and the counterfeit cosmology matrix remains the most pervasive, most insidious, most ingenious, most dangerous weapon in the entire arsenal of these renegade power brokers and their trans-dimensional daemonic egregores they worship and feed.

If people keep swallowing the obsequious, mindless bromides of “science will save the day” or “all we have to do is think positively and let the experts do the rest” or “if we can just do what we are told these problems will disappear”, then the bottomless pit of pseudoscientific tyranny via sophisticated charlatanry will never be contested and the hope of a truly empowered, sovereign society will suffocate from the sheer terminal velocity of our collective descent into the abyss of oblivious compliance “for the greater good”.

“Freedoms are cool and all, but just do as I say, you plebs.”

Part and parcel to this weaponized appeal to authority is the pre-existing establishment of an utterly unsound, inflationary money system run by miserable, megalomaniac scrooges who pretend as though they are harmless, boring bean counters just doing the dry task of running worldwide economies into the ground with fiat debt bubbles. The public has predictably yawned in ignorance of this massive threat for generations, resigning themselves to a ho-hum, nothing to see here attitude which has let the finance experts effectively claim that 99.99999% of people are out of their element when it comes to the modern day altar of the abacus, so the “experts” might as well be in charge of the world’s money too–almost as if by divine decree.

“We’re liquidating your nation whether you like it or not. Keep buying FAANG stocks damn it!”

What is a nation to do in the face of these kind of imminent threats? Firstly, we can all resist tyranny better by knowing the power of our foundational protections as sovereign entities that are partially but still substantially enumerated in the primary legal documents of our land, the Constitution. The vast preponderance of people in America couldn’t even tell you how many Amendments there are let alone what they mean or entail without someone literally translating the aristocratic English prose of the late 18th century. But ask them about how much money a blockbuster movie made, or what the latest celebrity gossip is or how many points an athlete scored in a season of ball games or which video game universe you would like to live in indefinitely or how many albums the latest rap star might sell or why we need to wear a mask outdoors and voila, you’ll find where all the attention, focus and memory has been channeled. An informed outlook with a competent, working understanding of real history, real science and real law instead of all this counterfeit, trivial detritus that passes as “culture” and “knowledge” is crucial to a free society. This gut-wrenching phenomena of people self-atomizing into a state of near permanent ignorance is made more appalling by the practical fact that this is done rather easily by corralling consciousness into compartments of popularized nonsense and idiocy. This process is obviously aided and abetted by educational malfeasance via incremental consciousness siphoning and has, without a doubt, been engineered over several hundred years by misanthropic humbugs who stand to gain from all the insanity going on today, knowing full well what they are doing is necessary for later designs.

Secondly, folks need to start support networks that are resilient, anti-fragile and adaptive in the face of disruption. Running to the hills will only defer the confrontations with all these collapsing systems and may make you even more vulnerable due to isolation and the absence of nearby supportive communities with whom you have built trust. Thirdly, you still may want to strategically relocate with said trusted community to a place with more similarly minded folks so as to shore up areas of resilience, this will be especially true outside the cities.

The era of the Broken Arrow is upon us and in light of the utter failure of so-called democracy to uphold a system that protects the wide array of freedoms human require in order to experience a dignified existence, we must create a more decentralized, autarchic system in its collapsed footprint.

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