Dark City Memoirs 3

Dark City Memoirs

Greetings again and I hope you can find the grace and love from the one true lord.  It is important to have positivity in whatever form it may come.  Part of the scam is to train our species to be in a fight or flight physiology, which has been done.  This “training” goes unnoticed because you were born into it and have no reference point of homeostasis.  The unconscious collective is constantly bombarded with ideas and symbology to stimulate the fight or flight response with fear, scarcity, death, disempowerment etc… (TV, Entertainment, intellectual data), which is absolutely a lie when you know the truth of Eden.  Again this is a conspiracy of stealing our perception.  When a person is in fight or flight they can not use their full consciousness to observe reality and interact with it.  Inducting someone into fight or flight is an entire topic in itself.  This is a consequence of not being in our right position of observation in our unconscious, but being placed in this “Ego” from our conditioners (I explained this from the last memoir).  When the mind is constantly in the future or past it creates anxiety for our cells.  Our cellular system can only be present.  When the mind is not aligned with the physiology it creates anxiety.  The body interprets anxiety as an incoming physical attack.  So in other words, if a person is worried about their future finances the present body believes it is going to be attacked by a bear as an example.  The blood leaves the limbs and engrosses at major organs because the body does not want to bleed out.  Breathing increases, heart pumps more blood and the mind focuses on a singular attack, as to why it is so hard to multitask at this level.  Adrenaline and biochemistry prepares to defend itself from the “bear”.  It is very easy to manipulate someone because they are thinking from a survival perspective.  This is a good analogy of the sociological manipulation and trap our species is in.

Chemical and electrical warfare is raging on.  Remember they are culling us, so there will be part of our species that actually thrives in this environment.  These “survivalist” will carry the torch of eugenics for a thousand years.  My diet is quite simple, just eat Gods food and stay away from man made food or items.  This is the same with any type of chemical or clothing being used on your person.  Our bodies are originally coded to metabolize gods energy and not mans.  True technology is nature and mans inability to recognize this unconsciously tries to create his own technology.  This is called sublimation and the essence of how we are manipulated by our overlords (Alien corporation).  The body trying to metabolize mans chemicals and electrical environment creates disease and mental illness.  Wireless fidelity, AC/DC, radar, etc.. is all toxic at the end of the day.  Again you must find your balance in this contaminated environment.  If you become to vigilant by trying to protect yourself from this it can create an anxiety disorder because there is no escaping it.  I try to do my best with it and place my fate in Gods plan.  Many upon many mentally ill people sense the unconscious conspiracy but are unable to intellectually ground it, not due to lack of IQ but lack of reference and process.  These mentally ill people become paranoid, create audio/visual hallucinations and just live in a fight or flight/rest compartmentalization relationship.  This is in epidemic proportions.  Find balance at the end of the day, long term anxiety will hard wire depression, anger, destructive biochemistry and perception. 

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