Cyberchat: THETA Network Updates & partner announcements

In this episode of Cyberchat DaveDave reviews some of the recent developments with the THETA Network crypto-livestream technology and how Zetetic.News is orienting its road map to include theta-related investments and integrations.

In our present estimation the THETA network represents the best alternative to the centralized content delivery networks and their AI driven censorship tentacles, the big tech video platforms. THETA has the potential to democratize the process of video distribution and monetization around the world using an audit-able open source blockchain & an innovative bandwidth sharing video relaying incentive mechanism.

Major announcements include:

THETA app launches on Android TV, bringing TFUEL token rewards to smart TVs around the world

THETA Edge Node Software Released

THETA Labs hires Jerry Kowal as head of content acquisition


Zetetic News is the first internet news media outfit to market on THETA network with a 24/6.9 restream of the Zetetic.News cast Stream ID: 0x6b56be87fedad57f25eaad6d4c3b4fdd70b6aa50 is running one of the top 150 Guardian Nodes for the THETA network, generating Tfuel to sustainably finance future exclusive Zetetic.News Peer 2 Peer streaming and ZNN contribution payments is 1 of first 10 partners to integrate Theta.TV live embed allowing you to earn Tfuel cryptocurrency watching 24/7 Peer 2 Peer Decentralized Livestream esports within the Zetetic.News site

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