Co(n)vid-19(84) Tyranny Deepens Into a Mass Stockholm Syndrome of Monstrous Proportions

Ever since March 2020, when this long planned biosecurity state putsch was launched, ZNN has been on the bleeding edge of critical, multifaceted investigation into the biggest and most brazen pseudoscientific assault on human civilization at large that has, to date, ever been mobilized. Our episodes, articles and interviews have been pointed directly at this rapidly growing beast system that seeks to enslave and eventually eliminate en masse not only the minds, hearts and bodies of the unsuspecting people of this world, but the very soul consciousness, fundamental dignity and transcendental potential of our lives as human beings now and into the indefinite future.

This assault was never about the easily beatable, deceptively rebranded set of respiratory symptoms that were chalked up as a “novel” contagion.

This ongoing totalitarian powergrab was never about trying to “protect the vulnerable” or a “collective overcoming of a biological threat”, although those malicious lies are still being used as excuses to prey upon our better angels of wanting to help one another. No, this Malevolent Egregore is a premeditated curse, a spell cast forth in the form of 24/7 medicabal fearmongering which has produced a mass psychosis condition resembling something between a suicide cult initiation and a zombification hex.

This capturing of the public mind could not be accomplished without the abhorrent appeal from the pit of hell to acquiesce to a wholly manufactured anxiety regarding the pseudoscience of “contagions”–a fictional threat designed to trigger a group psychological dread complex which inexorably led to a pandaemonium domino effect that accelerated the rapid, unprecedented corrosion of hard-won liberties that were bled and died over by our ancestors.

Indeed the summoning of this pandemonic scapegoat was only ever about 1. short circuiting the higher faculties of Intelligence, 2. corrupting our familial and communal relations, 3. sabotaging our livelihoods, 4. disparaging our hope for a positive future 5. dragging us plebs through a seemingly neverending charade of abominable, absurdist trauma and 6. hijacking public trust in the so-called health sciences via regulatory capture and crony bureacratism as a scapegoat to usher in a command and control technofeudal world order.

All of this and more so that our will to resist and repudiate the powers that ought not be would be so terminally stultified that when this beast system finally decides to go Full Leviathan and openly parades its desire to kill off everyone except for the self-appointed Chosen in order to “heal the world” for the “good of the planet”–we will all be acclimated to nodding our heads in obsequious servitude to altar of this satanized “greater good”.

Running from actual investigative scrutiny like the bloated, cockroach lackey, evil minion she is. The entire medicabal, Darth Pharma criminal combine is filled to the brim with shameless, cowardly traitors like Gelman!

The Great Reckoning is well underway. It will be the fight for our lives for likely years to come and we are nowhere near the end of this ghastly totalitarian spell–but now that the jesuit theater, tikkun olam biosecurity state agenda is laid bare for all with eyes to see, the abominable attributes of its ongoing implementation will become increasingly odious, ominous and obvious, even to the most oblivious, papers-please-presenting praetorians out there.

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