Climate Catastrophizing: Elite Misanthropy, Scarcity Psychosis and Adolescent Authoritarianism

In the wake of the most recent push for more “protective” laws for the “global environment” under the guise of “listening to the younger generation of leaders” (vis-a-vis Greta Thurnberg), it is imperative that more folks become more familiar with the public relations and publicity stunt diversion tactics that are part and parcel to this most recent round of alarmist greensplaining. Collectively and individually we need to identify these propagandistic maneuvers for what they really are: more agenda-driven attempts by Science Incorporated to usher in new forms of pseudoscientific tyranny by using cheap, underhanded sophistry that is normalized in the political arena. The despicable process of employing the stilted emotionality of a (scripted and handled by upper crust insiders) teen to act as though she’s some quasi-clairvoyant oracle is one of the main contemporary methodologies of bombarding the masses with the same old Agenda 21, Club of Rome de-industrialization/depopulation “policy suggestions” posing as “solutions” that have been bandied about by one variety of imperialistic totalitarian or another for centuries.

Greta Thurnberg reads from the misanthropic script of the new communism: radical environmentalist totalitarianism
In this lecture, W.G. Tarpley unpacks the connections between the Venetian oligarchs, their misanthropic philosophy of the environment and how it was transmitted through the rise of the British Empire and seminal figures like Thomas Malthus and how such a philosophy has mutated over time to include other factions of scientism like logical positivists such as Bertrand Russell and radical environmentalist alarmists like Paul Ehrlich.

This sick child-worship procession is presented in such a way that it is assumed that most people will just reflexively genuflect before this abominable, antihuman altar of deceit so long as the target audience falls under the trance of a youthful female who compels us to do so with shame-filled, guilt-tripping rhetoric; as if such postured recitations and elite-funded thespian displays are the height of wisdom on the issue being addressed (hint: they aren’t at all).

Indeed, Greta Thurnberg is being positioned as a nextgen mouthpiece, a new persona in the long line of cloying spokespeople who invariably end up reciting more of the same, utterly preposterous appeals to “do something about the environment”, despite demonstrating on numerous occasions that their religious, unscientific, adherence to false foundational assumptions and beliefs that are shown to be both misguided and patently incorrect on multiple levels of experimental efficacy. Time and time again, this manufactured sense of green-tinged urgency is peddled by the very same hypocritical power blocs who fuel the worst impacts on the ecological order the most. The money trails that stem from these power blocs intersect with all the prominent, internationalist “climate change” NGOs and branch out into all the banker-driven resource wars, the big box consumerist culture industry, the socially engineered welfare mentality, the media misinformation industrial complex, the massive genetic-biochemical tampering matrix, all the fragile dependence on crumbling resource distribution systems, the utterly stagnated transport technologies, socio-economic taxation austerity, subsidized corporate waste, institutionalized negligence and even toxic run-off rebranded as “public health” necessities.

Even amongst establishment science careerists like Watts, there is still a good defense of what is ultimately the Zetetic method of proceeding by inquiry. Questioning what kind of data ought to be gauged as valid when pronouncing that worldwide temperature increases are “man-made” is central when asking how and where such temperatures are measured over what period of time and with what instruments. If an increase in average temperature is far from an indication that a cataclysmic event is around the corner for all species in all places (and that temperatures have been warmer in times with far fewer people and less industry) then why is panic over needing to “do something about it” necessary?

One major obstacle for most people surrounding this issue is the pre-existing, occult-materialist cosmological programming with all its highly misanthropic power of suggestion. We are all taught to believe from early age onwards, (based on purely repetitious hearsay and groupthink consensus based on decrees from so-called scientific authorities–much like that of the climate change boondoggle):

  1. That our entire existence, all of reality and all of life in its totality for all time has been accidentally and absurdly contained on an ultimately anomalous, terraqueous, orbital aberration we call “Earth”.
  2. That this “Earth” is defined by a “planetary carrying capacity” with an absolute limitation of resources which dictates that a scarcity-based operational psychology must be the basis for survival and as a result is necessarily indispensable to “progress” as a “species”.
  3. That this “Earth” and its resources have been more or less comprehensively cataloged and its dimensions fully explored in the bygone past and that all we can hope for is that smarter, richer people than us at some point in the future can find a new “homeworld” before we parasitically use up all the resources or destroy ourselves in the process.
  4. That life on this “Earth” just so happens to depend on being in an (impossible) “goldilocks” zone per its (made-up) distance to the “sun” that allows this accidental deviation we call life to subsist–but at any point our “homeworld” could collide with another “celestial object” and life as we know it can be obliterated in an instant.
  5. That for all intents and purposes there is no way for life to sustain itself in any other place besides on this “Earth” since the unending abyss of mostly vacuous nothingness defined by utterly unlivable conditions we call the “universe” is all-enveloping in all directions.

This is far from a complete list but the fact that these widespread assumptions contour virtually all of the mainline sciences of today, it goes to show just how thoroughly and deeply misanthropic most people’s “understanding” of the so-called “cosmos” really is.

If the Club of Rome and the U.N. has its way, the way humanity will “run its course” is by us killing each other off in one contrived form or another since that is our “natural state” without the savior of centralized authority telling us all how, where, when and why we exist.

Is it any wonder why most folks are so susceptible to the wide variety of materialistic scare tactics? Many to most humans go about their lives not adequately inquiring into obvious historical trends. We have all been, at one time or another, systematically inculcated into blindly believing in copious lies peddled by a cadre of authoritarian psychopaths using interlocking, pseudoscientific narratives in order to incrementally consolidate more and more power and influence for themselves and their ilk at the expense of you and your progeny across highly protracted, multi-generational timelines. Con artistry is the epistemological standard of the modern day elites. Charlatanry has become indistinguishable from expertise at the highest levels of the scientism pyramid. As such, people have to come to grips with the fact that what they think of as “settled science” is probably based on some type of assumptive charlatanry and hearsay regurgitation or both. In much the same way that the papacy in Rome sold indulgences to confessors to appease their dread of punishment in the afterlife, so too do the modern priest classes of scientism want to pronounce new “carbon taxes” and “protective regulations” as a way to supposedly ameliorate what is in the first place a manufactured sense of existential guilt about using and consuming resources as a part of being alive. The theme of science (so-called) being used as a bag of tools by hubristic elites who want nothing more than to edify their narcissism in the pursuit of god-like powers–this needs to be front and center in people’s minds going forward.

The catastrophizing around the climate, weather patterns and emissions is nothing new at all and neither is the ability to thoroughly debunk and discard its premises. Check out this documentary from 1990 that pretty well obliterates the misanthropic projections that are constantly peddled by the bought-off media houses with all their dread-based brainwashing.

In closing, let’s not forget why the establishment wants to keep beating the defunct, pseudoscientific dead horse of radical environmental totalitarianism by repackaging it with an artificially propped-up neophyte teen celebrity and her sociopathic screeds about how we are on the brink of an inescapable climate apocalypse: to cover up the irredeemable depravity of the sick culture of the elites who are funding such misanthropic ventures.

The Epstein revelations is yet another major skeleton key in unlocking the thanatoid insanity lying at the heart of worldwide elites, their aims, goals and edifices of power in the world today.

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