Zetetic News Cast 12 – Bix Weir Live 8/25 Now restreaming 24/7 – Earn Tfuel watching First ZNN Live Interview on THETA Anycast

Yesterday, August 25, 2020 at 10 pm EST in a world first we became the first news category content provider to live stream an interview on the THETA “Anycast” network. We are honored to be joined by Bix Weir, founder of Road To Roota who is largely responsible for our involvement with THETA but also in exposing many esoteric truths about the financial system and our corrupt oligarch class over his 20+ year career in finance and later internet muckraking. Visit http://www.roadtoroota.com to learn more about Bix and his work.

We discuss many topics including Gold, Silver, Cryptos, Spirituality, and authoritarian cosmologies.

If you missed the stream live, you can earn Tfuel watching it 24/7 on THETA Anycast or watch the static YouTube video featured above. We look forward to THETA Video on Delivery options for full independence from the major platforms!

HOW TO WATCH -> You need to download the THETA EDGE NODE

Step 1: To start using the Theta Edge Node, download the app for Windows or Mac.

Step 2: Once your Edge Node is running, you should be able to use the “Anycast”

Step 3: Open Player and Enter Stream ID:mxgpjsjduf OR CLICK HERE OR visit http://thetalist.tv & click Zetetic News Network

The Anycast network is just like any content delivery network – it provides infrastructure to deliver streaming video content…But THETA’s is pure Peer 2 Peer decentralized so it cant be censored and is content agnostic. At the same time, the service is run by users in conjunction with an innovative new blockchain that rewards all participants involved in content distribution and consumption. We are beta testing this as part of our longterm network planning and couldnt think of a more apropos guest to help us showcase the proof of concept.

While you are watching the stream you are also sharing your bandwidth with nearby peers and contributing to the growth of the THETA network.

Check out http://thetatoken.org to learn more.

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  1. Robert Rausch

    What will increase the values of theta fuel?

    1. DaveDave

      Platform adoption and utility

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