Become a ZNN Contributor

We are developing new ways of contributing to the Zetetic News Network.

A central theme of our discussions has been how to combat online censorship since ZNN specifically covers and aggregates the target subject matter of the censorship algorithms.

We believe in conjunction with the collapse of the fiat money system, the decentralized / blockchain innovation of the THETA Network presents the most viable means to re-democratize video content distribution and monetization. It’s always the disruptive technologies, not violence, which meaningfully disrupt power hierarchies, and the combination of blockchain with a decentralized P2P edge streaming network is a potent one-two punch to the modern problems associated with big tech centralization of finance and infrastructure.

In the near future, we predict that the Tfuel token will serve as a important software access key to the future decentralized web, and as such, having a sustainable supply of Tfuel will be like owning your own ISP/TV station / Oil Rig- extremely valuable and useful from a content syndication perspective.

Already, ZNN operates one of the top 150 Guardian Nodes by Stake Amount which generates a meaningful supply of Tfuel that will become an increasingly valuable inventory over time. Not just in fiat money terms, but in terms of infrastructure access to enable continued publication of our content.

Today, we use Tfuel to compensate our guests and show participants. As of 2.15.21, we have paid out well over 25,000 Tfuel in “ZNN rewards.” These tokens can be sold for other cryptos, fiat, and will no doubt grow in purchasing power…but in the future we see Tfuel as a literal means of distributing original ZNN and aggregated content across the world.

With this preface as a backdrop; the optimal way to support our efforts is to donate THETA tokens to our address. These tokens will be staked to our Nodes every 1,000 tokens accrued which will in turn provide us an additional capacity to generate Tfuel for future operations. It also increases our overall stake in the network which gives us voting influence in the THETA protocol.

The second most optimal way would be to donate Tfuel directly, which can be sent to the same address:


Zetetic News Network THETA Public Address

The third most optimal way to contribute to our next generation news network is to download the THETA Edge Node Software which will allow your computer to become a Relay Node and earn Tfuel cryptocurrency for sending data over the network. As of this writing we maintain two servers running 24/7 streams on the Edgecast platform including the latest episode of the Zetetic.News and a 24/7 Restream of


Earn TFUEL by caching popular streams

If you are a whistleblower, run a livestream or channel you want featured, or want to bring a newsworthy issue on the cast please contact us via email with “ZNN Contributor” in the subject line:

We also encourage users who want to contribut to join our official telegram channel where we share resources that help inform the outline of future episodes of the cast.