ZNN Exclusive: There is no requirement to wear a mask at Costco

Below you can find, in a world first, ZNN’s exclusive two part segment special report, 100% hosted on the THETA network. Sure – it will be a lot harder to drive views here, but we get so few @ YouTube with the shadow banning as it is and we are convinced long term that eventually people will come to appreciate…

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LIVE 2/3 @ 9 EST: Zetetic News Cast Episode 30: The Anatomy of Mandates

After our last episode of 2021 we experienced a string of hardware failures which prevented us from streaming our regular programming! Sorry for the hiatus! In tonight’s episode we’ll be focusing on the theme of Mandates – what they are and anatomically how they work. As a case study we will review some of the recently released ZNN exclusive exposing…

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