2020 Recap: Liars, Tyrants and Robber Barons, Oh My!

As year one of the mass occult ritual we are all being initiated into come to a close, I am reminded of the likely mis-attributed quote given to Mark Twain, “It’s easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they’ve been fooled”. There isn’t a more apropos, more succint and pertinent saying that comes to mind.

The scale at which the cadre of charlatan opportunists behind this Bolshevik Viral Putsch and its accompanying Ignatian Corona Tyranny have assailed so many people’s dignity, their sense of courage, their capability for interaction, their livelihood outlook, our underlying common sense and perhaps most pressingly, all of our basic freedoms, is truly daunting.

The odious and outrageous totalitarian combination of: medical authoritarianism; draconian lockdowns; oligarchically astroturfed color revolutions based on hyper-racialized animus; truly tyrannical internet censorship amidst the uber-bowdlerized corporate puppet press; the evisceration of small businesses; the abominable increase in tech billionaire wealth; not to mention the central bank fiat money printers going ‘brrr’ like never before imagined; oh and of course the obviously staged election farce and who could forget the spectre of bio-leninist, vax industry chicanery courtesy of Operation Warpspeed? What a highly charged (if not desperate) recipe for the long desired formula for the One World Order under technofeudal corporatism.

Indeed, the proverbial “cherry” on top of this un-ending world government program from hell was always going to be an “organic” crisis that only the grand inquisitors of the bought and paid for crony crimedical industrial complex could “solve” for us helpless parasites formerly known as human beings.

They just had to cook up the right ingredients: invisible biological enemy + the insinuation that everyone’s a potential carrier × a good old fashioned dose of fear induced thanatoid hyperbole via emotional appeals about the vulnerability of grandma alongside statistically fallacious charts and voila! A perfect preparation for germophobic hysteria that requires a visible insignia of acquiesence on the face; a perpetual masquerade for the plebs while the bulk of their lives hangs in the balance as the specter of prickly regimentation haunts the economy and relevant society on a level never before seen in human history. Not only has virtually the entire world been misled about the wild manipulation of the death and case data, but also the hardly scientific origins of “contagions” as well as the special interests engaging in this pre-meditated hostile takeover operation.

It won’t be long until the proverbial Emperor’s New Clothes surrounding this bloated coup is seen for what it is: a sham and a farce out in the open, a nude tyranny. Let us all remember to rekindle the voice of the Child and call out the obvious (read:truth) in 2021.

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