ZNN Exclusive: There is no requirement to wear a mask at Costco

Welcome to the “new normal” where YouTube censors your videos because it might wake someone up. Earlier this month I uploaded a public service announcement exposing the fact that Costco was not even following their own covid 19 protocols accurately – and youtube found that to be “Medical DIsinformation” which refutes the WHO. Hilarious – cause the WHO has NEVER made a mistake and questioning them is a thought crime. Well – I took this opportunity to test out the new THETA video API which allows you to host VOD and Streaming content on the decentralized THETA network. This has been the ultimate vision of ZNN where we can envision ourselves completely unable to use mainstream Socmed sites to distribute our content and will need a decentralized alternative that can’t be censored.

Below you can find, in a world first, ZNN’s exclusive two part segment special report, 100% hosted on the THETA network. Sure – it will be a lot harder to drive views here, but we get so few @ YouTube with the shadow banning as it is and we are convinced long term that eventually people will come to appreciate how worthless YouTube is as an information source and will be hungry to enjoy alternatives such as we are building here.

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