Zetetic.news Cast Episode 28 – Sabotage with special guest Sarah_Michele526

On Thursday December 2 at 8:30 EST we will stream episode 28 with special guest Sarah_Michele526 to discuss current events through the lens of our thesaurus thursday word of the day which is “Sabotage.”

Sarah is a former ethics and compliance officer for the federal reserve turned whistleblower / grass roots activist out of Powhatan county Virginia. Below is a post from a recent Instagram post which provides additional insight into Sarah’s background.

A little about me:

I am a #wanderlust who has traveled to 15 or so countries.
I have been married to my best friend @slim_daddy_big_money for nearly 10 years
We struggled with #infertility for two years which resulted in choosing an imperfect #healthierlifestyle 
While battling #postpartumdepression #pstd and Covid, I wrote a book in 3 days, that I vaguely remember submitting to my Publisher. #bookcomingsoon #throughtheeyesofachild
I was terminated two days after asking for two weeks off & informing my employer of my second pregnancy; despite being covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Pregnancy Discrimination Act.
After the email termination, I had a #panicattack leading me to the #emergencyroom, which doctors told me, we lost our sweet Audrey 🌹
Despite what #medicaldoctors told us, we began sharing our #pregnancyannouncement as an act of our Faith.
Ultimately, this termination was the best thing that ever could have happened; To put family first, heal and begin striving for excellence, again.
I was formally in Ethics and Compliance in Supervision Regulation and Credit of the Federal Reserve turned Land Developer turned Stay at Home Mom.
The transition to a #fulltimesahm was the hardest, while becoming the most rewarding.
I began #advocacy in 2017, paused to heal and picked it back up in June of 2021; Inadvertently leading to a #grassrootsmovement
I am a #lifelonglearner who doesn’t watch much television, and prefer a #goodbook… #motherhood has led me to reading in #bitsandpieces
I stand for the #mentalhealthcrisis and freedom for #hollistichealth
I am a #contentwriter, with a focus on empowerment and #disabilityawareness
I work with local and state #legistlators alongside #wethepeople to help influence the change we want to see in the World. #cultivatewhatmatters #kindnessmatters❤ #transparency #accountability #freedom

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