Zetetic News Cast Episode 0 – The Epstein Saga

Apologies up front to the early listeners – there is considerable fuzz and other artifacts in this recording – our audio engineering needs some work & we are working on this. Besides the many rough edges, we are proud to announce the first formal prototype episode of the Zetetic News Cast which will be the anchor “product” of the ZNN web presence.

The Zetetic News Cast is a long form current events show that applies the Zetetic method to news analysis; simply to “proceed by inquiry” instead of jumping to conclusions or just going with preconceived notions and popular narratives. It is very much a Work In Progress that will evolve over time, suffice to say we plan to bring a wide variety of guests and topics to the table that should sate the appetites of those starving from the information vaccum known as mainstream media.

In the first episode, we begin to scratch the surface of the incredibly deep and complex web of evil connected with the Jeffrey Epstein situation – did he commit suicide? Was he murdered? or is he still alive and has been whisked away by a shadowy faction of the power elite in an elaborate hoax? What does this mean for the future of humanity? We ask these questions and more in our first episode.

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