Zetetic News Cast Ep. 35 LIVE! “Diversity” Call in 1-855-877-5112 @ 8:30 PM EST

In today’s broadcast we will be covering a milieu of topics that are of great worldwide import. What is happening in America is infesting the rest of the world. If we don’t talk about it, and possible solutions that can be quickly adopted, there is not much hope except in perhaps small pockets of ‘underground resistance.’

Of course, this is a live broadcast which is driven by community participation on our various social media channels and also any call in guests who would like to share their thoughts. Please drop a comment, call in, or join any of our socmed channels to get the latest news, memes and information that is easily shared to help “wake up” the masses. #proceedbyinquiry

This is our first full broadcast on the following platforms, please bear with us if we have any technical issues:

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