Zetetic.News Cast 19 – Livestream from YT / Theta.TV

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We had some audio configuration issues which delayed the publication of the cleaned up version of our live stream last week. Sorry about that! We are looking to do more live shows so you can interact in real time with our guests. So please stay tuned to this channel as we advertise the next stream. FYI, we have been paying guests 1,000 Tfuel for their participation in each Zetetic.news Cast since April 2020. In USD the payments we have made have appreciated %1400 since April 2020. And we’re still early!

In Episode 19 we are going to live review the Official ZNN Telegram Channel and discuss the state of the union since our pre-inauguration broadcast. Please drop us a live chat as we hope this can be a more interactive format.

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We will also be streaming this episode on Theta.TV and Theta Edgecast as well. If you run an edge node you can find us in the Discover page or by searching Stream ID 0x9b157b838812f878a6e32e5545080b54b2cf76ef

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