Why There Are No Viruses

The Usual Blunder of Fake Human Science

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, June 10, 2020


Let’s face it – the entire human science is fake, from top to bottom. And what is most heinous, it has been regularly misused to enslave the human race by the former Powers That Were (PTW) from the Orion /Reptilian empire and their human stooges, the dark cabal that pulls the strings of politicians and scientists behind the veil (here).

This has been now revealed independently from us in a bold open letter by Archbishop Viganò to Trump who is under massive attacks by the dark ones from the deep church and state; they have surely threatened him with his life and that of his family as the distressed expression of Melania revealed when they visited last week the National Shrine of Saint John Paul II:

“The investigations already underway will reveal the true responsibility of those who managed the Covid emergency not only in the area of health care but also in politics, the economy, and the media. We will probably find that in this colossal operation of social engineering there are people who have decided the fate of humanity, arrogating to themselves the right to act against the will of citizens and their representatives in the governments of nations.”

Fake science has always been used on this toxic planet as a scientific figleaf to enslave humanity and I am surprised how little this key factor in human history has been acknowledged by all thinkers and scientists throughout the ages. Now for the first time, we have the global lockdown of humanity due to the coronavirus “scamdemic” and the scientists begin to awaken slowly only to find out how weak they are at the societal level and how insufficient their scientific argumentation is in order to topple down this citadel of lies – modern science, from which they have profited uncritically until now. This is the current big dilemma in the End Time that is composed of infinite personal conflicts, inner battles, and dramas as we begin to see.

Why? Because almost all scientists, even the most critical, are agnostic and do not consider our human souls as the creators of all reality we live in. Instead, they get lost in technical details which are so controversial and irrelevant that the whole discussion they have already unleashed against the coronavirus scare causes even more confusion and plays into the hands of the cabal who are still busy enslaving humanity while fishing for fools in muddy waters.

Please, observe that all ideologies and social doctrines that humanity has developed throughout its predominantly Western history pretended to have their foundation in irrefutable scientific truths after religion, in this case, Christianity, had to depart from science with the rejection of the Ptolemaic geocentric system.

This departure from the transcendental religious Weltanschauung of medieval men during Renaissance and Illumination led to the emergence of empiricism and materialism as explanatory tools of how the world functions. Empiricism taught that all knowledge, in particular, all scientific knowledge comes from random personal exploration and experience of nature with the extension of crude materialistic tools. Materialism taught that all human social progress is the result of material values. From these two doctrines, there emerged a number of further social doctrines, the aim of which was to enslave humanity as a cursory overview of history shall reveal.

British empiricism led to a plethora of very dark concepts in science that have poisoned this system of human knowledge more than anything else. After all, this country harbors the evilest cabal and reptilians, such as the Rothschilds and the Queen, and reigned over the world for quite some time as the British Empire. Darwinism as social Darwinism was a key dark idea that gave birth to many new sinister social concepts, all of which rectified inequality, exploitation, and genocide of humans in the name of false natural laws as even the forged Wikipedia cannot hide:

Social Darwinism is any of various theories of society which emerged in the United KingdomNorth America, and Western Europe in the 1870s, claiming to apply biological concepts of natural selection and survival of the fittest to sociology and politics.[1][2] Social Darwinists argue that the strong should see their wealth and power increase while the weak should see their wealth and power decrease… Many such views stress competition between individuals in laissez-faire capitalism, while others were used in support of authoritarianism,  eugenics,  racism,  imperialismfascismNazism, and struggle between national or racial groups.”

From these teachings followed capitalism, liberalism, neo-liberalism, globalism, and now “virusism“… the latter as a fake sinister social idea wrapped up in a biological figleaf on how to control society and lock down all humans by instigating their survival fears and the wrong basic agnostic notion that they have only one precious life which they might lose in an infectious pandemic caused by invisible vicious, deadly bugs.

Dialectical materialism also emerged as a teaching in dark GB, precisely by Marx and Engels in the British Library, before it could gain broad popularity and eventually oppress half of the world in a brutal communist dictatorship which I personally experienced. It was the most successful precursor of the NWO which the cabal still try to install, in vain, on this ascending planet with the current lockdown in order to prevent human ascension and its evolution to a transgalactic civilisation enjoying freedom, abundance, and bliss.

All these teachings began as fake scientific ideas in biology and were then extended to social life as political doctrines. All of them claimed an irrefutable scientific foundation, e.g. as the scientific communism that was an obligatory subject taught in all schools and universities in Eastern Europe during my time as a young man living under this brutal dictatorship as even forged Wikipedia must acknowledge:

Scientific communism was one of the three major elements of Marxism–Leninism as taught in the Soviet Union in all institutions of higher education and pursued in the corresponding research institutions and departments.

I hope my readers begin to see the red thread behind all social teachings that have determined social life on this planet, which has always been a “prison planet”. They all emerged as fake ideas in fake science and were then expanded to society in order to use them as a theoretical rectification to oppress the human race and eventually prevent its ascension in the current End Time. This is the key to understanding everything that is currently happening to mankind.

In this respect, there is no difference between fascism, nazism, communism and current fake corona virusism whose only aim is to enslave humanity as we all experience nowadays during the still persisting lockdown. However, as ascension is a done deal, we will only experience it for a short period of time, so that all humans are made aware of this causal relationship between fake science and their enslavement before they can begin to appreciate their freedom in an ascended society guided by the new theory of science of the UL.

All this flurry of false ideas emerged essentially in the 19th and 20th centuries when humanity began to prepare for its ascension. At the same time, we observe an explosion of new esoteric and spiritual teachings which began with the establishment of the Theosophical Society by Blavatsky who visited us last year in Diano Marina in spirit and was very supportive of the new healing and study centres here.

This society was founded in 1875 as a worldwide body with the aim of advancing the ideas of Theosophy in continuation of previous Theosophists, especially that of the Greek and Alexandrian Neo-Platonic philosophers dating back to 3rd century AD.

Thus, the new Gnosis of the UL is the logical scientific continuation of modern Theosophy as outlined in several books, e.g.:

New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind

Neoplatonism and Christianity – ebook

Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy -Ebook

Theosophy also encompassed wider religious philosophies like VedāntaMahāyāna Buddhism,  Qabbalah, and Sufism, which can also be fully incorporated into the new Gnosis and Science of the UL.

From this succinct historical survey, we can clearly discern that all false ideas that humanity has developed and implemented throughout its social evolution were first established in fake science, mainly in biology. Thus they usurped the nimbus of irrefutable scientific truths and were brutally applied to social life with the ultimate goal of achieving the full enslavement of humanity.

That is why the higher realms had also to take care to introduce the opposite ideas of true transcendental spiritual knowledge in order to counterbalance the dark evil forces of human oppression and pave the way for humanity towards full freedom through ascension. For this same reason, we created the fountain of freedom last year, after we created the wheel of light and life shortly before, as an energetic prerequisite for the final liberation of humanity. It was a milestone in the history of ascending mankind that was hailed by ascended master St. Germain personally, with whom we closely work in all our projects of light, such as the Astral currency. He is the “God of Freedom” as he told us recently and, as is well-known, the patron of the current Aquarius time:

In our crowdfunding website on the healing and study centres in Italy, we clearly stated that there is no separation between natural and social sciences, just as there is no separation between organic and inorganic, inanimate matter. These are artificial separations of fake science, N-sets that should be excluded forever from human thinking. This is the achievement of the new Axiomatics of the UL.  As we are the creators of all our 3D reality as a holographic model at the soul level while being in physical vessels, that is to say, while we are still organic carbon-based beings, all natural sciences are Biophysics. 

Therefore, all attempts of the dark cabal to enslave humanity must also present themselves as bioscience, respectively medical teachings. The falsification of science reached with the current virus epidemic scam a hitherto unknown peak of insanity and has become so blatant that it has paved the way for the final dismantling of the cabal, as even archbishop Viganò, who surely has no clue about true science, has intuitively correctly grasped:

And it appears that the children of darkness … have decided to show their cards, so to speak, by now revealing their plans. They seem to be so certain of already having everything under control that they have laid aside that circumspection that until now had at least partially concealed their true intentions.

In fact, exactly the opposite is true: The dark cabal is losing their power and they are so desperate because no heinous or criminal act they plan and implement works anymore so that they have given up on their clandestine way of manipulating humanity and are showing their ugly face so unhinged for everyone to see in order for the people to turn away from these pseudo-“elites” with revulsion. This is the dialectical logic of the current End Time which this agnostic cleric cannot understand but the more so we, the PAT, the enlightened spearhead of humanity and its future spiritual leaders.

Before I finish with this disquisition, let me explain one more time in popular scientific terms why the current scamdemic is utter insanity perpetuated upon the fruitful soil of fake bioscience without going too deep into scientific details that would inevitably involve the entire General Theory of Biological Regulation.

First of all,

there are no viruses as distinct hostile organisms that befall humans and kill them.

All life exists in total harmony and synergism in the unity field of All-That-Is according to the law of constructive interference which is an application of the UL. As I recently wrote on several occasions, it is well known that all viruses exist in eukaryotic cells – they are essentially an integral part of the cell. Even according to the current fake definition of life in biology, scientists do not define viruses as living organisms as they do for bacteria: “They can grow, reproduce, maintain an internal homeostasis, respond to stimuli, and carry out various metabolic processes. In addition, populations of living organisms evolve over time.

None of this applies to viruses as even fake bioscientists must admit:

They (viruses) cannot generate ATP (which is indispensable for any independent cell metabolism). Viruses also do not possess the necessary machinery for translation… They do not possess ribosomes and cannot independently form proteins from molecules of messenger RNA. Because of these limitations, viruses can replicate only within a living host cell. Therefore, viruses are obligate “intracellular parasites”. According to a stringent definition of life, they are non-living.

Here we have a classical example of how human language is obfuscated as scientific terminology. If viruses can only replicate and live in cells, why not consider them as part of the eukaryotic cells and not as foreign hostile agents that kill these same cells that render all the biochemical tools for their replication? Please, observe that this basic idea is foundational for the current lockdown.

I have presented numerous examples in the new Pantheory of the UL of how human language has been misused in science to produce fake ideas with grievous consequences for human life and progress.

In physics, for instance, all verbal interpretations of mathematical equations as natural laws and other formulae are entirely wrong.

The correct abstract mathematical definition of physical mass m as a relationship of the energies of two systems, where one system is arbitrarily defined as a reference system, e.g. 1 kg, has been completely obfuscated in physics since its inception as classical mechanics, as I have proved beyond any doubt.

Read here: Mass and Mind: Why Mass Does Not Exist – It Is an Energy Relationship and a Dimensionless Number (Part 2)

As a result thereof, physicists have introduced a plethora of obscure categories for physical mass, such as inertial and gravitational mass, and even perform obsolete experiments, such as the famous Eotvos experiment, to prove this semantical equivalence that has arisen from the terminological (epistemological) confusion in scientists’ minds.

Consider just for a moment the following shocking fact that is still unknown to slumbering humanity and when being revealed very soon will thrust it into a spiral of disbelief and shame: There have been billions of humans who have studied physics at schools and universities since this discipline was founded by Galileo Galilei some four centuries ago and invariably begins with physical mass and gravitation in classical mechanics.

Read here: Galilei’s Famous Experiment of Gravitation Assesses the Universal Law with the Pythagorean Theorem

And yet, throughout all these centuries not a single intelligent person (I am excluding here explicitly all the physicists whose minds have been anesthetized by the false dogmas of their fake science to such an extent that they have given up logical thinking) have noticed how false the actual definition of physical mass is, namely, to be considered an intrinsic property of matter. This prevented the explanation of the mechanism of gravitation until the present day, the unification of gravitation with the other three fundamental forces in the standard model and, what is most important for humanity, the introduction of simple antigravity vehicles that would have solved the transportation problem of mankind a long time ago and prevented all the wars for fossil resources.

Read here: The Mechanism of Gravitation – for the First Time Explained

This false definition of physical mass was the initial bug in physics that was replicated numerous times and led to the introduction of a series of further major blunders and deliberate falsifications that prevented the unification of physics and thus expose this discipline as entirely fake science. The most prominent blunders are:

1.  Photons do not have mass – Mass, Matter and Photons – How to Calculate the Mass of Matter From the Mass of Photon Space-Time (Part 3)

2) Neutrinos do not have mass – How to Calculate the Mass of Neutrinos?

3) There is dark matter in the Universe that allegedly contains ca. 90% of all the theoretically calculated mass that cannot be accounted for (as measured in experiments). This false statement alone makes modern cosmology a fake science:

III: Why Modern Cosmology Is a Fake Science

4. Free photon energy does not exist and cannot be made available to humans – Free Photon Energy – All Videos, Expanded Script

There is virtually not a single major definition in physics that is not false due to the semantic and mental confusion of the scientists and has contributed to the obfuscation of this seemingly most exact discipline, e.g.:

The Greatest Blunder of Science. Charge is a Synonym for Area

What is Temperature? – (it is absolute time f)

Why then wonder that scientists have continued with this hideous tradition in medicine and biosciences which are the most confusing categorical systems of human knowledge where virtually any statement one can find in a textbook is mere speculation without any consistent proof. You can check any textbook at your discretion – medicine, pharmacology, biology, etc. Until I developed the General Theory of Biological Regulation there was no theory at all but only a conglomeration of scattered facts – officially until now.

This explains how easy it was to use false medical and biological arguments to install the current lockdown under false pretext and enslave humanity to an extent I could not have considered possible in my whole life although I have vast experience with dictatorships. The scare of the current virusism as the NWO utopia of the future, totally enslaved humanity proves it without any objections in a very ominous manner. This reveals the most obvious fact to me and the most obscured truth for the rest of humanity: Humans are irredeemable cowards and have the mentality of slaves. That is why they need ascension and a courageous spiritual teacher to lead them out of their self-afflicted maze.

Let us make a vivisection of the current medical discussion on the pandemic scam for the sake of completion as more and more doctors and experts dare to open their mouth and condemn the lockdown with half-correct scientific statements that are immediately invalidated by utterly wrong scientific ideas as Rachid Buttar, who is still the best representative of the medical guild, currently embodies in a paradigmatic manner.

Scientists admit frankly that they do not even know what the origin of viruses is. They have introduced a plethora of obscure hypotheses, such as the progressive hypothesis, the regressive hypothesis, the virus-first hypothesis, or even bluntly admit that “no hypothesis may be correct” (here). This is the kind of fake science we deal with. That is why the dark ones can fish so well for fools in this murky waters of obfuscated science.

If you begin to study in more detail the replication cycle of viruses in the cell you will be confronted with so many adventurous statements and science fiction descriptions that if I have to analyze them properly I must write a whole book. Let me cut straight through this jungle: None of the statements concerning the replication cycle of viruses is correct or based on a real understanding of the biological regulation of cells and organisms.

Why? Because scientists do not know how the regulation of the DNA and that of the cell happens and only pretend to have some knowledge based on scattered facts. I have proved this ignorance of biosciences beyond any doubt in my pivotal book on the General Theory of Biological Regulation and will spare you the details here.

At the same time, they have not the faintest idea how the immune system operates and how it is regulated as I have extensively shown in this same book and that is why they feel free to recommend all kinds of vaccines as a kind of panacea for viral infections, which do not really exist, while in reality, they are exerting a veritable genocide on humanity as this is known for Bill Gates.

The lies and deceptions of the ruling cabal and medical stooges are so obvious that I still do not understand why the people do not pick up their forks and start a revolution. The USA is on the verge of such a revolution but the people are again drowning in utter confusion and do not know what they are fighting for and against whom. That is why no revolution can resolve any and all human problems that arise entirely from the spiritual ignorance of humanity. Only higher dimensional illumination can save this forsaken human race.

Lies pile upon lies in all categorical systems of scientific knowledge humanity has developed so far and have established such an inextricable thicket that nobody can unravel. Let us take the viruses one more time. Everything we know about them is that they are resorbed and excreted by the cells as vesicles which are very similar – I would say, identical – to exocytes and endocytes as I have already shown in a previous article:

Secretary vesicles (exocytes), Dr. Jastrow’s electronic microscopic atlas

200303 corona 1

This handout illustration image courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows a transmission electron microscopic image of an isolate from the first US case of COVID-19, formerly known as 2019-nCoV, with the spherical viral particles, colorized blue (photoshopping), containing cross-sections through the viral genome, seen as black dots.

Scientists are unable to detect any viruses in eukaryotic cells, as they frankly admit, but only when they leave the cells as exocytes or enter the cells as endocytes. Of course, these particles carry all the biomolecules, such as short DNA and RNA sequences from the cells that the bioscientists then use to establish their classification in virus families. This is the only thing bioscientists can do. In this case, scientists have falsely labeled normal physiological cell vesicles as distinct species – as “viruses” – and have proclaimed the utterly wrong idea that viruses are dangerous biological agents that make people sick and kill them. This has nothing to do with real biological regulation and is fake science.

Where has this notion come from?: From the so-called “Koch’s postulates designed to establish a causative relationship between a microbe and a disease” although science cannot explain until today what a causal relationship (principle of causality) is, as I have discussed extensively in Volume I on the physical and mathematical foundation of the UL. There are four Koch’s postulates for a pathogenic relationship between a microbe and a disease, all of which have been debunked in the meantime both for bacteria and viruses:

  1. The microorganism must be found in abundance in all organisms suffering from the disease, but should not be found in healthy organisms.
  2. The microorganism must be isolated from a diseased organism and grown in pure culture.
  3. The cultured microorganism should cause disease when introduced into a healthy organism.
  4. The microorganism must be reisolated from the inoculated, diseased experimental host and identified as being identical to the original specific causative agent.

This is what we read in Wikipedia:

“Koch later abandoned the universalist requirement of the first postulate altogether when he discovered asymptomatic carriers of cholera[4] and, later, of typhoid feverAsymptomatic or subclinical infection carriers are now known to be a common feature of many infectious diseases, especially viral diseases such as polioherpes simplexHIV/AIDS, and hepatitis C.

The second postulate may also be suspended for certain microorganisms or entities that cannot (at the present time) be grown in pure culture.[5] Viruses also require host cells to grow and reproduce and therefore cannot be grown in pure cultures.

The third postulate specifies “should”, not “must”, because as Koch himself proved in regard to both tuberculosis and cholera,[6] not all organisms exposed to an infectious agent will acquire the infection.”

The 4th Koch’s postulate is also inapplicable for viruses for a variety of reasons.

As we see, all Koch’s postulates were debunked, some of them by himself personally, but nonetheless are still fully implemented for all practical purposes in all medical and political decisions with regard to epidemics and pandemics as is the case with Robert Koch Institute in Berlin that advised deliberately wrongly Chancellor Merkel in Germany to prolong the lockdown by changing constantly the guidelines which this institute initially issued for the ending of the lockdown (here).

The bottom line is that there are no valid guidelines as to how to handle an epidemic or pandemic from a scientific point of view to the present day, more than a century after Koch first formulated his obsolete criteria for a pathogenic causal relationship between a microbe or a virus and the human body. Why? Because there is no such causal relationship at all and because this is not how organic matter is being regulated by the souls and the higher realms.

Just as there is no such thing as contagion as it is understood today that demands the use of obsolete masks that only infringe upon normal human breathing and make the people very sick in a short period of time. It is a very insidious idea of Hollywood that is run by the Zionist cabal and “predicts” in movies all the heinous criminal acts these evil ones plan against humanity in order to instill fears in the people and make them subliminally submissive.

In All-That-Is, there is no antagonism and no enemies between the species and within a species as Darwinism falsely preaches.  This is the darkest idea of all that was instilled in the human minds by the dark ones to divert the incarnated human personalities from their inner knowledge that they are powerful creator beings of their bodies and reality and thus of the entire nature that surrounds us in this holographic incarnation experiment.

As far as the viruses are concerned, they are special intelligent modules of information and energy exchange between eukaryotic cells within the organism and between different organisms and species. They can also be found in plant cells because both plant cells and eukaryotic cells are regulated according to the same energetic principles based on the UL as I have proved in the new General Theory of Biological Regulation. With their help, universal constructive interference and regulation are guaranteed between all organisms and cells and within one and the same organism. This is how life is regulated throughout the multiverse. Period!

All human organisms are subjected to constant change and adaptation as part of their regulation, given the fact that cells are constantly exchanged, they die and are being replaced by new cells so that the organism can continue living and adapt to the constantly changing environment.

The current LBP (light body process) is the best proof, and I have written a lot about all the physiological and other changes which we, the ascended masters of humanity, undergo since many years in order to overcome the organic carbon-based body this year and transform in a phase transition into a silicon crystalline light body.

Now, some of my readers may ask: “How come that during a flu season a child comes sick from school and infects the whole family? Isn’t that a proof of a contagious disease?”

Not at all. First of all, it is very seldom that a whole family gets the flu at the same time. Most of the time it is one or a few family members that get the flu and the others don’t. It is a well-established fact that most of the carriers of viruses that are currently considered pathogenic are asymptomatic and do not get sick.

As humans carry thousands of viruses, or more precisely, cell vesicles as exocytes and endocytes in their bodies, many of them can test for a specific DNA or RNA sequence, however, most of the tests are unspecific and they test “false positive” for a broad bandwidth of viruses as this was revealed in the current scamdemic but then rigorously suppressed by the mass media.

Therefore, medicine has no reliable information at all about the distribution of similar exocytes and endocytes in the human population, which can vary to a great extent and thus create a false impression regarding the existence of numerous virus families.

It is also highly unlikely that such exocytes and endocytes are transmitted through drops in the air. I would say, this is the most stupid and inefficient way to disseminate such important carriers of cell information within the cells of one organism and between different organisms and species and therefore it does not exist as our souls only create perfection.

What actually happens is that we are dealing with a very intelligent program of body regulation by our souls (or body elementals). Just as the regulation of the genetic code is a miracle of complexity, which scientists cannot figure out, the same holds true for the transmission of exocytes and endocytes between eukaryotic cells that carry selected sequences of DNA and RNA.

I proved in the General Theory of Biological Regulation that the regulation of the genetic code happens at the supramolecular electromagnetic quantum level of the participating biomolecules that is so dynamic and complex, in fact, always intelligent and unpredictable for the human mind. The current scientists have no clue about these extremely complex bioenergetic processes, such as the splicing of proteins and present them in a very crude descriptive manner without rendering any explanation which “invisible hand” drives this magnificent perfection at the quantum level.

Even I, myself, have reached quickly the limit of my knowledge, also due to a lack of credible scientific evidence in the literature. But I always depart from the energetic principles of biological regulation as based on the UL, that is to say, I depart from the Primary Term of our consciousness and can easily discard all false ideas as N-Sets while postulating the ubiquitous, mutually beneficial co-existence of all forms of life in All-That-Is, where death as a concept does not exist but is a mere illusion of limited human minds.

For instance, during the LBP we experience repeatedly flu-like episodes, which can even manifest as acute broncho-pneumonitis, as I have described them more than 2 decades ago. Such symptoms occur when there is a rapid adjustment to higher vibrations and a lot of density is released from the body. This happens most often during major ascension portals and affects simultaneously large groups of ascension candidates.

We have observed, published, and discussed numerous such ascension flu episodes over the years where PAT members experienced the same respiratory symptoms at the same time while adapting to the new higher vibrational levels and releasing quickly dense energetic patterns and fears from the physical body.

Such energetic phenomena can very well be interpreted as an “ascension flu epidemic” at the medical level. As there were very few ascension candidates in the past, we never reached the numbers needed to declare an ascension epidemic. Now with the massive awakenings of humanity, millions of humans experience ascension symptoms these days, predominantly of the respiratory system, which is first affected by the ascension waves that engulf humanity and the earth this year in form of a constantly rising tsunami wave of transformation towards planetary ascension.

In order to describe the synchronicity in the occurrence of such respiratory symptoms that overtly manifest as flu episodes, one does not need the concept of contagion as these ascension episodes are coordinated at the soul level. The more people participate synchronistically in such ascension waves and portals, the bigger the synergism of the planetary ascension, and the quicker humanity will move to 5D.

I hope this explains the total illusion humanity has created around the so-called epidemics and the danger of spreading contagious viral and bacterial diseases that rectify the current idiotic lockdown. This is another deliberate false idea of the dark cabal to scare the masses and impose on them their lower frequency scenarios of descent where they will have to enter a very long and gruesome incarnation cycle of massive karma redeeming before they can qualify for eventual ascension in eons of time.

As we see, all phenomena we observe in life are intimately correlated and mutually dependent. Every atom and elementary particle in this multiverse has infinite consciousness and exists in perfect harmony with all the other particles and systems in the multiverse. The human linearly thinking mind cannot grasp this perfect and beautiful harmony and synergism between all systems and levels of All-That-Is and creates such monstrous ideas as the current lockdown allegedly to save human lives while killing more people than any other contagious disease (e.g. a bacterial disease) would have theoretically done.

However, there were deliberate local killings of humans with other lethal agents as to frighten humanity and the perpetrators are the underground reptilians and their human henchmen in politics and the secret services as was the case in Bergamo, Italy and also in New York at the beginning. That is why the Americans and Trump are now accusing the Chinese of dark conspiracies in order to divert from their crimes in their own country, whereas Trump is the victim of this plot and has to play along if he wants to survive. Many poisonous gases cause respiratory symptoms and it is very easy to distribute them locally in adequate quantities among the selected population and cause mass deaths in any suburb or rural area or in senior residence homes. Do the math!

For instance, in the past, the infamous Deros, an underground humanoid ET species that is part of the Unholy Six of the PTW from the Orion / Reptilian empire appeared as the feared “men in black” and infested the population with plague by distributing vials with the bacterium Yersinia pestis in the neighborhood and then making crosses on the doors of the houses they had contaminated. Hence the name “black death” which has nothing to do with this disease in terms of black color but with the black men that disseminated it. This term exists in almost all languages and countries that have experienced the pestilence. There are numerous historical reports that confirm this fact although historians have tried to falsify and suppress such reports in the official historiography. Even Hollywood employed this evil dark motif for its science fiction films by changing the original truth as usual.

Since the Middle Ages, nothing has changed with respect to the cruelty and insidiousness of the PTW from the Orion/ Reptilian empire – essentially the big ugly reptilians and the reptilian shape-shifters as the human elites that blackmailed all politicians with death in order to install the current lockdown. Their goal has always been the decimation of humanity in order to better control the masses. These monsters are now being removed from all ascending timelines prior to the shift in consciousness which I expect to occur around summer Solstice.

It has begun today, June 10th, and the purging will be accomplished on all ascending timelines till Solstice. Most reptilians cannot cope with the massive light and new vibrations that come from the Central Sun and are simply disintegrating. But their human minions still reign on the ground before they will also be removed, first from power, and then will descend to lower timelines when the shift will occur.

Only after that can the revelations really begin for the slumbering masses. They will start with the revelation of the truth behind the current lockdown as it contains all the major elements of deception and truth, of which humanity must become aware before it can begin with its preparation for ascension. This article that was inspired by St. Germain and other ascended masters is the initial trigger of the upcoming revelations and theoretical program on how to tackle the truth in a clear, logical, axiomatic, holistic manner.

This includes in the first place the revelation about the deliberate falsification of human science which pretends to have a monopoly on the truth while being used as a sinister social doctrine to cull humanity. Except for the PAT, none of the other lightworkers who represent the enlightened minority of mankind and expect some kind of revelations in the current End Time is prepared to experience the biggest revelations in science as they themselves have no clue about science and preferred to reject the UL for many years. That is why many of these self-proclaimed gurus are heading towards a big personal mental and emotional catharsis when they will soon realize how inadequately they are prepared for the shift and how stupidly they have wasted their time with surrogate topics around the love and light illusion. This bitter revelation must also be said at this place – it marks the beginning of all revelations.

Then, there will come revelations about the deceptions and lies in politics, economics, and religions and finally the personal acknowledgment that all humans bear responsibility for these lies as they accepted them uncritically and cowardly and even felt comfortable with them most of the time.

Humans must realize that they have no chance to ascend if they divide mankind into perpetrators and victims and consider themselves victims. All humans are perpetrators and victims at the same time. When we ascend in the coming days and the time of revelations will arrive, no stone will remain unturned. All the lies and illusions must come to the fore – the personal, most intimate deceptions and the collective, most deeply hidden lies and atrocities.

This whole reality is one big illusion created by numerous deliberate and insidious lies, all of which in the end lead to the death of the human body. That is why the first and most important truth must be the acknowledgment of our immortality as humans beings and as souls, and multidimensional entities – that humans can ascend and overcome physical death. This gnostic insight will eliminate all the current existential fears of the people in which they are trapped, even more so under the current savage lockdown.

For this reason, the shift will begin with the ascension of selected individuals who have accomplished their LBP and are ready to serve as ascended masters and spiritual leaders, and healers of humanity. This is our mission and that of PAT and we are ready for it.

Further literature on the coronavirus scam:

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