Co(n)vid-19(84) Tyranny Deepens Into a Mass Stockholm Syndrome of Monstrous Proportions

Ever since March 2020, when this long planned biosecurity state putsch was launched, ZNN has been on the bleeding edge of critical, multifaceted investigation into the biggest and most brazen pseudoscientific assault on human civilization at large that has, to date, ever been mobilized. Our episodes, articles and interviews have been pointed directly at this rapidly growing beast system that…

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“Flatten the (nonexistent) Curve”, “Invisible (dead) Enemy”, (Anti)-Social Distancing” And Other Cryptic-Masonic Messaging Signaling Massive, Paradigm Shift Amidst Paper Tiger Scare Tactics To Enshrine World Government Beast System

By now, “virtually” everyone has come into contact with the declarations by so-called authorities to respond to the “corona” virus by submitting to the power of suggestion projection onto human behavior for the purposes of preventing the proliferation of an “INVISIBLE ENEMY” to “FLATTEN THE CURVE” by “SOCIAL DISTANCING”. The proposed explanations for these terminologies are designed to simultaneously appeal…

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