Suicide Rate at All-Time Highs; Welcome to Covidiocracy-1984: Technocratic Depopulation Agenda 21/2030 is in Full Acceleration in 2020.

As has been made abundantly clear by ZNN in our podcast episodes and my previous articles, the goals behind the technetronic-medicalist putsch (that has been underway worldwide under the guise of the pan-dem-(on)-ic tyranny) have manifested in a particularly severe form in the United States. A terminal, self-destructive form.

Even normie news sites can’t ignore the inevitable.
Vincent James covers the skullduggery of covid death tolls and rising suicide rates.
Jamie DLUX show documents citing Fauci’s longstanding Big Pharma mouthpiece status.

These goals are exterministic in scope and in force–yet are stated under the seemingly benign auspices of “non-binding resolutions” like Agenda 21/2030. Such resolutions operate under the pretense of righteous-sounding policies that echo the ideological sycophantry that continuously relies on regurgitated, nominalistic platitudes parroted by the treasonous corporate media like “sustainable development”, “public health advancements”, “environmental justice” and “equitable resource distribution”. But the resulting manifestation of these agreements is perhaps best described as an octopian matrix of a hypersurveillance-based, Artificial Intelligence (read: Ahrimanic Incarnation)-directed, scarcity-minded world state that not only catalogs, tracks, analyzes and keeps tabs on every individual and natural resource but can also locate, detain, fine, confiscate, destroy, erase and execute any given order at any given time based on superadvanced, algorithmic-predictive formulation technologies combined with highly guarded and patented electro-biological energy weaponry.

Deborah Tavares sounds the alarm about all the kinds of technetronic assault we’ve been under for generations. This includes weapons and means of control you thought were only possible in science fiction novels–yet such depictions are mostly based on patented tech from many decades ago that is currently deployed today.

What is more, this borg-like infrastructure has already been formed to a large extent due to the drastic and deliberate erosion of the general populace’s capacity to understand this crucial truth and the dynamic that underlies it: *it is much easier to fool large numbers of people with a counterfeit reality that perpetuates rampant naivety than it is for those same large numbers of people to realize they can be indeed been fooled very easily by complex pseudoscientific-occultic chicanery, demagogical charlatanry, oligarchical collusion against the common man and statist-corporatocratic malfeasance*; all of which are techniques that are designed to act in accordance with the propaganda messaging that centers around compliance, conformity and docile deference to the luciferic-ahrimanic world state. Such an order thrives on and is indeed wholly dependent upon the belief in false realities dictated by a debased sensory conditioning that, by default, favors expert declaration over independent verification.

A critical overview of Agenda 21 that reads in between the rhetorical lines.

One of the consequences of this erosion of ponerological discernment is a feeling of helplessness, perpetual dread, chronic loneliness, unending isolation from a sense of purpose or Telos and a general nihilistic malaise that cannot conceive of how necessary justice against these malevolent efforts and organized patterns of subterfuge can be enacted for the betterment of our realm. Once this indifference towards inevitable destruction is internalized without moral, pneumatological resistance, which is a highly volatile spectre of darkness, within a person or society the trajectory towards suicidalism/fatalism/apocalypticism/defeatism becomes more and more probable and the hope for a reversal of course appears less and less likely. In saying, it is the intentional proliferation of immiserated conditions that encourage this ideologically-induced desolation of the soul. The preservation and ongoing advocacy of population reduction ideology would fall on deaf ears if people knew the value of autonomy and had ongoing skepticism and major impatience with attempts by the state to “better” people’s lives. Since today there seems to be an infinite amount of such patience alongside little resistance to these organized infringements, the architecture of totalitarianism has been erected not only all around us but within us.

Insightful lecture on the preponderance of evidence that a fabian socialist/communist technocracy has already been rolled out all over the U.S. and worldwide.

Such a depressive milieu is not a coincidental assemblage of chance misfortunes or a merely conceptual or petty psychological amalgamation of the various avenues towards self-pity or even a collection of justifications for a pessimistic outlook. Quite the contrary, like all other methods of control, it is best for population reductionist ideology to be self-enforced if it is to be done effectively. Thus, misanthropic elitism in the context of this viral putsch, this proverbial yet despotic straw breaking the camel’s back–(i.e. the future seems even bleaker to the everyday person now that the world economy and basic, everyday activities are being held hostage by mass austerity tactics over fear of a miniscule microscopic risk while massive macroscopic evils run rampant)–has accomplished much in the way of “culling the herd” according to the purgative desires of the world state, when the herd does the culling to themselves. Just considers the combination of the increase in suicides in tandem with the rise in institutionalized anti-natalist attitudes pushing for a continuation of declining birth rates so we in the “developed nations” can save “duh planet” (See Paul Ehrlich’s Population Bomb). The generally deceived culture of nihilistic indulgence and vacant submissiveness to fraudulent pseudoscientific tyranny has now produced such a thing as a “Voluntary Human Extinction Movement”. Brave New World indeed.

Only in an age defined by immoral absurdity can an exterminist acolyte like Knight claim he’s being the compassionate one for wanting full extinction. What’s stopping you from speeding up the process buddy? Why can’t Mr. Knight be the change he wishes to see in the world and lead by example?

Notice that such a self-terminating, scarcity mentality as espoused by Knight and others is wholly subsumed by and predicated upon all the same scientismic lies that we’ve dissected here on ZNN. This exterminist outlook relies entirely on fallacious, ball-in-the-void presumptions about the created realm in the form of astrophysicalism (spherecuckery) as well as a smattering of Baconian-Malthusian materialistic reductionist myopia –all of which are cosmological-epistemological constructs that we’ve discussed before here on ZNN as being rooted in a form of spiritual endarkenment as defined by occultic thanatoid mysticism such as absyss worship and/or sacrificial ritualism, neither of which are anywhere near the kind of science that seeks consciousness expansion as a basis for true knowledge. It is this latter science, this Real Science that has import beyond just the physical plane of existence and the limited sensory data we’ve been conditioned to believe constitutes the whole of reality.

An informative lecture about the evolution of consciousness and the challenges of materialism within the context of occultic power.

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