Statistical Illusions, Paper Tigers and Bear Markets, Oh My!

Firstly, some definitions: a statistical illusion is an analytical phenomena in which conclusions derived from tallied probabilities and collated conclusions via charting processes and data accounting practices are based on false premises, incomplete consideration of pertinent information or faulty assumptions (or both) but are nevertheless accepted as indicative of reality or a characterization of something actual when in fact it is a merely a (usually convincing and therefore not uncommon) perceptual-interpretive error. The prevalence of these hasty conclusions and hermeneutic biases throughout the popularly dubbed “sciences” is likely so replete that the unforeseen ramifications of them will probably never be fully revealed. One of the more prominent examples of a statistical illusion is Simpson’s Paradox.

Notice the word STATIST in statistics. As Mark Twain says–There are lies, damn lies and then there are statistics.
A further investigation into the persuasive power of statistical chartism and mathemagical sophistry that has real world dangers.

Secondly, the term “paper tiger” is extremely illustrative and historically pertinent. It was coined by Mao Zedong (yes, the Chinese dictator with the largest democide count in the 20th century who was installed in cooperation with the Rockefellers) to describe U.S. Imperialism. His argument for communistic incrementalism as a strategic basis for the dismantling of U.S. political power is highly prescient today since the presence of his brand of synthetic communism with totalitarian oligarchy has only increased in prevalence worldwide since Mao coined this term. The prominent formula whereby the state whips up fear based messaging and issues draconian edicts around a perceived threat in order bombard its divided population into submission and learned helplessness–even though the threat is largely insubstantial, highly exaggerated or outright fabricated in the first place–is a type of paper tiger construction. As the phrase implies, tigers are natural predators that have lethal capabilities that people never want to confront directly but most if not all people would never be alarmed if they saw that such a predator was merely an artificial depiction of such a creature. Therefore, it behooves not only corporatist state managers and their financier oligarch accomplices looking to consolidate more power and influence for totalitarian aims over their respective populations to craft a paper tiger but also aspiring tyrants, like a Mao, who seek “change” through violent upheaval dressed up in utopian, populist or mass appeal rhetoric. This technique was utilized by Mao himself as a method for his ascent to power. In this sense, paper tigers can quickly become raging deceptions that produce horrific consequences if they are either taken too lightly OR taken too seriously depending on the aim of its construction.

Mao describes the method whereby the “small” beats out the “big”. The parallels to today are eerie indeed.
A dire warning of the totalitarian ills of Maoism and how similar echoes of the “Great Leap Forward” have been brewing and are increasingly bubbling up in the U.S. today.

In the world of market analysis, A bearish market is one in which the future movement of an underlying price of an asset is fluctuating downwards. Bear markets, if strong, can quickly depreciate the value of the market’s growth factor in a fraction of the time it took to achieve any elevated price level due to the supply of selling pressure outstripping the pace of the buying representing demand.

A great historical primer to these colorful market terms.
Fed printing unlimited money×zero percent internet rates+mass unemployment+massive speculative overevaluation=textbook formula for another great depression. This time around it could be much more protracted and even terminal.

As 2020 has made more than clear now that we are already halfway through it, everything that is manifesting around us: the cervezabug shutdown coup by Big Pharma and company, the “summer of hate” led by transnational oligarch-sponsored color revolutionary groups peddling blood libel grand narratives on an industrial scale never before seen during what can easily be seen as the most horrific, dare I say Lovecraftian, election year of all time. However, understanding 1. how statistical illusions are disseminated by bad faith actors, 2. how statist resource control is accomplished by collectivizing impoverishment using paper tiger tactics and 3. how institutionalized monetary manipulation can plunge the world into economic depression are all used as weapons against the Common Man will all better assist in the comprehension of the madness currently in play. Just remember, all of these developments have been deployed at the behest of parasitic, tribalistic coalitions whose entire existence is based on the continued belief compliance on the part of the intentionally miseducated masses. Without the ill-conceived constructs of legitimacy, the powers that ought not be (who have everything to gain from the accelerated move towards neofeudal technocracy and everything to lose if a substantial contingency was to organize worldwide to upend their deceptions and hold them accountable before God and Mankind alike) would have little to no basis upon which their psychological operations and false flag theater could gather momentum let alone garner the massively alarming popular acceptance they enjoy today.

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