• by Mike Wehner
    Lightning strikes that we see here on the surface are only one kind of storm phenomenon, and others happen in places we can't see from the ground.  Lightning also produces incredible sights in the space above the clouds, extending into the atmosphere in colors that we never see from a cloud-to-ground lightning bolt.  A new […]
  • by Jacob Siegal
    Google's Live Caption feature is now available on Chrome, but you will have to jump through a few hoops if you want to activate it on your browser. Live Caption "automatically captions speech on your device. Use it on videos, podcasts, phone calls, video calls, and audio messages – even stuff you record yourself." There […]
  • by Chris Smith
    A security researcher found that password management app LastPass is tracking Android users with seven distinct trackers, including a service that can help track people across the web. The researcher explained that including trackers in apps that protect sensitive information like password management could be risky for the user. Other services have no built-in trackers, […]
  • by Andy Meek
    Apple's new app privacy listings in the App Store have sent shockwaves through the tech and advertising industries. The new app privacy descriptions spell out in much greater detail how apps use your data and track you. Google has been updating its apps to reflect these new descriptions in Apple's App Store, while Facebook has […]
  • by Chris Smith
    A report from a few days ago said that Google will use foldable OLED panels from Samsung Display for a "Pixel Fold" phone that will be released sometime this year.  Other insiders have reinforced the claim that the Pixel Fold is real, and that it’s coming this year. Google is just one of several Android […]
  • by Yoni Heisler
    As more contagious COVID variants spread across the US, Pfizer is exploring the utility of a third booster dose. Pfizer hopes that a third vaccine dose might "raise the antibody response 10 to 20 fold." Pfizer and Moderna are planning to boost vaccine production and ship 140 million doses to the US over the next […]
  • by Jacob Siegal
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently launched an online tool that lets you see which providers in your area have COVID-19 vaccine doses in stock. The tool is available on, and for now, only residents of Alaska, Indiana, Iowa, and Tennessee can see the full list of the vaccine providers in […]
  • by Zach Epstein
    Netflix's full slate of March 2021 releases is out, and it includes a whopping 55 different movies to look forward to. There's plenty in store across all genres, including plenty of fan favorites as well as new original Netflix films. In this roundup, we'll check out every single one of the new movies set to […]