• by Maren Estrada
    There are so many terrific daily deals out there right now with Mother's Day 2021 right around the corner, but we've narrowed things down to just 10 deals on Saturday that we think our readers will be particularly interested in. And that happens to include one deal that's so good, you'd have to be a […]
  • by Jacob Siegal
    At this point, if you've visited our website at all in the last few months, we shouldn't have to convince you to download the latest updates for all of your apps and devices when they drop. Zero-day vulnerabilities are discovered nearly on a daily basis, and one of the best ways to ensure that your […]
  • by Chris Smith
    Facebook shocked WhatsApp users in early 2021 with a prompt asking them to accept a new privacy policy to allow WhatsApp to share more data with Facebook or risk losing access to their accounts. The prompt said the new privacy policy would go into effect on February 8th and offered users no way to opt […]
  • by Jacob Siegal
    Apple streamed its first big virtual event of 2021 on April 20th to unveil a host of new products, including a redesigned iMac, an M1-powered iPad Pro, an upgraded Apple TV, the purple iPhone 12, and the long-awaited AirTag. All things considered, it was an incredibly busy event for the company, so it's no surprise […]
  • by Yoni Heisler
    In stark contrast to many other tech companies, Apple has never had an overriding obsession with being the first company to bring a product or technology to market. On the contrary, a consistent tenet of Apple's product strategy has been to focus on being the best as opposed to the first. For this very reason, […]
  • by Chris Smith
    Check Point Research (CPR) security researchers have discovered a significant security vulnerability in a Qualcomm chip found inside hundreds of millions of Android handsets. The mobile station modem (MSM) chip is present in nearly 40% of all the world’s phones, CPR explained. Hackers aware of the vulnerability could have abused it to “inject malicious and […]
  • by Mike Wehner
    NASA's Mars helicopter has already completed four flights on the Red Planet. According to the Ingenuity team, it's completed everything it needs to in order to be considered a success, but it's not done yet. In fact, the limits that NASA thought it would have to deal with during the helicopter's testing don't appear to […]
  • by Jacob Siegal
    After failing to come to terms in private, Google and Roku started publicly airing their dirty laundry over YouTube TV's continued support on Roku devices last week. Roku sent an email to its customers explaining that it was not willing to accept Google's "unfair terms," which included preferential treatment and special placement for its apps […]