Multi-Market Catastrophe Looming Large: Is A Financial Reset on the Horizon?

Since the 2008 crash, central banks the world over have been injecting arbitrarily valued fiat monies into the artificially ballooned corporatist fugazzi known as the “free market” at a record pace. A handful of select major corporations have been living high on the hog as a result due to their cozy relationship with these central banks. The major world indices seem to be humming along near all time highs for nearly 2 years and CEO bonuses have never been so flush. Surely the societies that support these bubbly economies must be healthy and the pertinent authorities seem to be doing their job at proper oversight, right? The author of this article begs to differ on several important levels. Firstly, the obscene wealth distribution ratio that favors the plutocrats within modern societies has surpassed even the most vicious pre-Renaissance oligarchical systems. Secondly, the people who are supposed to be accounting for the money supply seem to not care whatsoever about the unfathomable debt bloat, in fact they are only encouraging more of the same with no end in sight. Thirdly, the demographic and technological trends, combined with the behemoth increase in unfunded liabilities since the Reagan years have produced a liquidity bottleneck in which hyperinflation will be normalized to levels not seen since the Weimar Republic–and even this comparison is woefully lacking when it comes to the sheer scale of how interconnected the international monetary supply is at this point in history and how horrendous the tumult could become.

If mainstream outlets are beginning to agree with what underground analysts like Nassim Taleb and Gerald Celente have been saying for over a decade (that 2008 was just a prelude to a much larger rout), how long have the financial oligarchs, who manipulate markets at the push of a button, known?

It makes the inquisitive mind wonder: are the working masses being gaslit yet again into thinking that some grand schema or brave leader is going to save us from the calamitous ripple effects of this looming uber-bearish cycle that is being advertised as “inevitable”? What tricks do the fiduciary “experts” have up their sleeves this time around if injecting more monopoly money into an already floundering, nepotistic world economic order will only prove to be an old soggy bandaid on a major hemorrhage? What will become of the millions upon millions of people who will encounter mass lay-offs, raided 401ks, evaporated IRAs, siphoned pension funds, massively depreciated home values and dwindling funding for social safety nets in order to bail out the renegade cleptocrats yet again?

It’s not just the U.S.A. who is under the curse of the black debt. Worldwide debt totals over 250 TRILLION (And that’s probably a dovish estimate that doesn’t count derivatives and futures exposures that are already in the negative). Worldwide GDP any given year is at most 5% of that. Imagine earning 50k a year and being well over 1 Million in debt. You would have to declare bankruptcy. When will people realize that all the central banks have been bankrupt for decades and are playing with imaginary wealth while everyone else is on the hook to subsidize (yet again) the cataclysmic losses that are slated to hit virtually all traditional markets in a matter of years? When will we stop putting up with this?

The mainline predictions pointing to civil unrest are historically well-founded but ultimately miss the broader realization that such negative societal reactions to the increasingly hostile market conditions are part of the engineering formula that further secures monetary control of the masses via fractional reserve banking and centralized, “planned” ancillary systems of monetarist control. Since the founding of the Federal Reserve no less than 6 major market crashes have resulted in large part because of the funny-money practices that were instituted by the Fed in the years leading up to these respective crashes. Each time these manufactured crashes occur, instead of addressing and eliminating the problem (fractional reserve banking and credit-debt profiteering by a private, unaudited, unaccountable central ) head-on by nationalizing the Fed and putting it under full oversight of an elected treasury, the bought-off ceremonial congress kept passing the proverbial worthless buck down the line, only worsening the inevitable reckoning at some heretofore unpronounced date.

What happens when all the jobs dry up and two thirds of Americans are still living paycheck to paycheck?

Intimately associated with this economic unraveling is the specter of wider and wider scales of conflict erupting across the world. There are really dozens of combined reasons to demonstrate that a hypothetical third world war isn’t so hypothetical and that we may already be in the pre-event period leading up to what may ultimately become a protracted, multi-decades long chapter of worldwide upheaval. The sheer scale of systemic overhaul must be unprecedented in its enormity if we are to correct course and find parity with reason and wisdom in the wide range of human affairs.

The underlying question remains: Where do we go from here? In the course of time there are many cycles, themes, variations, recapitulations that are intrinsic to the structure of conscious reality. It behooves us to examine these patterns that adumbrate over time. One major aspect underlying the transformations taking place is the drift towards decentralization: centralized systems are becoming too cumbersome, destructive, wasteful and thus perilous to sustain. Their impending collapse by virtue of their outsized, obsolete weight renders them cataclysmic burdens that must be summarily unpacked and largely jettisoned. Nothing is too “big” to fail. Failure is the mother of learning. We must learn who and through what methods wrought these odious debt industries and their respective catastrophic attributes that are preventing genuine growth and prosperity the world over. It really is a matter of rooting out the bad apples that are spoiling the batch. Holding accountable the sub-10,000 people worldwide in positions of prominence and power who enable this system that seeks to make whole societies and generations of people into a Lumpenproletariat class of expendable serfs has to be infinitely easier than those same people trying to target everyone else so as to keep them insulated from scrutiny. Unless of course the parasitic elites forcibly expropriate the wealth of the masses under the guise of maintaining “order” and providing “security”. And that is exactly what has happened. As such, this theme of the small few lording over the subdued giant has become the case: the worship of and abeyance to these transgressive, expropriatory authorities is one of the grandest scams conjured from the recesses of totalitarian madness. Yet this is exactly the scenario the world populations face today. It is time we excavate history in favor of a better way of living and indeed a superior basis for learning the lessons of failed economic orderings. We must learn to no longer be beholden to these pernicious scams that masquerade as “economic science”.

Within this rare lecture series given 100 years ago by the Austrian polymath Rudolf Steiner is a highly developed form of economic thinking called “three-folding” or The Threefold Social Order that essentially constructs a way of coordinating society that renders impossible the over-centralization and homogenization of the cultural, economic and political elements that we face today.

A complete reorganization of economic activity is in order. The task of restructuring the approaches to nature, labor and capital may seem daunting at first but then again, necessity is the mother of invention. If a scam system must be allowed to fail because it does not serve the betterment of the world population, we can learn from such a failure by necessity to invent better designs that are more compatible for our thriving without all the fragility and undue strife. But we have to first dismantle the insistence that what has supposedly “worked” up until today is a tenable basis for defining the corrective measures that ought to take place if we are to fully witness a humane transformation of economic arrangements for the betterment of the world.

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