“Flatten the (nonexistent) Curve”, “Invisible (dead) Enemy”, (Anti)-Social Distancing” And Other Cryptic-Masonic Messaging Signaling Massive, Paradigm Shift Amidst Paper Tiger Scare Tactics To Enshrine World Government Beast System

By now, “virtually” everyone has come into contact with the declarations by so-called authorities to respond to the “corona” virus by submitting to the power of suggestion projection onto human behavior for the purposes of preventing the proliferation of an “INVISIBLE ENEMY” to “FLATTEN THE CURVE” by “SOCIAL DISTANCING”.

A dose of reality.

The proposed explanations for these terminologies are designed to simultaneously appeal to the emotions centered around care, safety, cautiousness, reticence and uncertainty as well as an almost war-like, hive-mind acquiescence to those who represent themselves as leaders so as to shore up a sense of solidarity, of unification under the perception of a threat.

Adaptation to tyranny is abrogation of a decent future.

These terminologies trigger the ingrained misunderstandings and associative mental pictures we all have about representations of phenomena derived from the data retrieved from microscopic imaging.

Here’s a laughable cartoon to explain “science” to you as per usual by the scientism industrial complex.

Yet, quite nearly all the time, we conduct our lives in such a way that we realize such phenomena to be, by and large, part and parcel to the natural order of things in which we also find ourselves alive as unique and highly complex beings with built-in self-healing capabilities.

Vaccines aren’t a solution.

However, as soon as these weaponized terms (which are meticulously crafted in think tanks to illicit certain behavioral-cognitive responses) are deployed under the auspices of a non-living material residue called a “contagion”, declared on high to be a threat to us all (and displayed to us in the form of threatening looking, “alien” sphere!), a flight or fight response within our unconscious is indelibly and indefinitely activated so as to problematize and obsess over the very activity that was once second nature to us as now being antithetical to the betterment of our health and the health of others. Poof! Magic. Occult-scientific ” lesser word magic” to be precise.

Imagine the irony. A tongue-in-cheek admission about the true nature of the problems with “healthcare” today.
An introduction into the importance of occult linguistics to the nature of how power operates within the world.

The broader question of when all this draconian nonsense will subside is coming to the forefront of people’s minds more and more and rightfully so. People want to return to work, return to regular human comportment, return to accustomed activity without all the hysterical germophobia and paranoid hypochondria around the possibility of catching what amounts to a cold–that even people who are very old can overcome!

If a 90 year old grandma can beat the big bad coronavirus with a little potato soup and family encouragement and there are already allopathic remedies from the 1940s like hydroxychloroquine that can greatly alleviate symptoms then what is the shut down really all about?

The problem is that the genie is out of the bottle for now. This crisis will not be going to waste as the parasite politicos and the psychopath control grid operators that enable them continue to bear down in the presstitute media about the reality of this anti-human avoidance conditioning as a “new” normal. And unfortunately this conditioning is indeed working on dozens of millions of people who are wed to the idea that the psychopathic control grid paradigm isn’t so bad and is probably there for everyone’s safety regardless of how much an ongoing burden it is on our innate liberties. The obvious problem with the unfolding scenario is that the enabling of this severe lemming psychology amongst the masses is far more dangerous to a decent future for mankind than any so-called pathogen will ever be. The precedent-setting, shut-it-all-down tyranny on the magnitude we have seen is a theme that is almost certain to recapitulate going forward. With all of this social engineering in place, we humans are being trained to think of ourselves as not only mere consumers whose active existence is bad for “mutha earth” but now we must be treated like pests who are no more than pesky, infected disease carriers that have to be told what to do in order to protect “the vulnerable”. Funny how hardcore scientismic tyranny dawns the paternalistic mask of protecting the individually weak as a basis for weakening our ability to defend our collective freedoms.

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