Epstein Saga Continues: The “Finders” Case Declassified, Exposes Massive Coverup by Intelligence Bureaus, Police and Federal Government

In late October, the classified information pertaining to the swiftly buried, hush-hush case of the “Finder’s” cult/commune and their “alternative lifestyle” involving young children was declassified. As one can imagine, quite the pandora’s box full of disclosures were revealed even though there are still pages and pages of redacted specifics that still fall under the protections of “national security”…Hmmm, I wonder why…The timing of this release is quite telling as we are still in the fresh aftermath one of the highest profile criminals in U.S. history, Jeffrey Epstein, who was bizarrely “suicided” (he clearly didn’t commit suicide–in fact we should still be asking: is the real Jeffrey Epstein even dead?) in one of the most (supposedly) secure prison facilities in the nation. As has been revealed in my earlier article (http://zetetic.news/2019/08/14/epstein-saga/), Epstein was absolutely ensconced with and protected by high level zio-billionaire oligarchs and multiple intelligence agencies for decades as he operated a blackmail operation against broad swaths of the upper crust Western political, academic, scientific and economic establishment elites. What makes this Finder’s revelation so telling is that it shows, without a shadow of a doubt, deliberate complicity amongst the highest intelligence bureau branches of the United States–the very same organizational complicity that was utterly indispensable to an operation the size of Epstein’s. Below is a mini-doc series compiled by the youtube researcher “jamie dlux” on youtube, who also has excellent investigative insights into the Epstein Saga. Check him out!

“The Finders”

Mister Metokur also has some substantial (not for the light-hearted or easily offended) podcast material on this subject. This two-part series is both exhaustive in scope and is indeed dripping with sardonic indignation and dark gallows (expletive-heavy) humor, in his usual fashion, as he combs through the various documents and related reports linked with this case.

Mister Metokur’s Finder’s Exposure Epidose 1
Mister Metokur Finder’s Exposure Episode 2

The importance of this case is obvious: it is yet another unveiling of the Emperor’s clothes, another chink in the armor of the establishment lies that run cover for the they-who-must-not-be-named oligarchs who prey upon absconded, neglected and abused children supplied by seemingly innocuous groups, organizations and front associations using plausible deniability tactics, insider connections and occult affiliations to dodge accountability all over the world. The house of cards, pseudo-legitimacy enterprise of world government, economics, science, celebrity and culture will continue to collapse the more these revelations will come to light. #epsteindidntcommitsuicide

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