Epstein-Maxwell Trafficking Network Crimes Covered Up by Media and FBI between 1996-2002 According to New Revelations from Maria Farmer Amidst Ongoing Viral Putsch

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that despite all the viral tyranny and medicalist scare tactics surrounding the Covidiocy crisis, the ongoing, deepening discoveries regarding the heinous crimes by megagroup billionaire backed Epstein-Maxwell network continue to unravel in new detail.

Adam Green goes over the recent disclosure of Maria Farmer with Whitney Webb.

As has been detailed by my prior posts here at ZNN, this ongoing case will not be going away because the Epstein-Maxwell saga is one of the clearest (yet alarming) windows into the occult power structure of the world.

Jamie Dlux goes over the nature of the network and how it is likely still operating.

The odious crimes linked to the massive honeypot- blackmailing extortion ring are upheld by oligarchically funded mafioso groups whose abominable tactics have percolated throughout the upper echelons of society and have garnered them the ability to operate with virtual impunity. These echelonic cliques are intimately tied to all of the thoroughly corrupt intelligence agencies and their subsidiary law enforcement lackeys who either run cover for or deliberately turn a blind eye to the crimes of these organizations. In #Lockstep with this collusion is the equally bought off presstitute media that will never offer compelling or otherwise real coverage of this subject for reasons that should be obvious by now to any honest observer–their own executives and major corporate sponsors are present within this clique. Combine this alliance structure with the entirely compromised puppet politicos fulfilling any of the wishes of this very same hierarchy and you have a general view of what has become of “independent nations” and “representative governments”.

Last American Vagabond goes over some of the specifics that reveal the sheer depth of this odious trafficking consortium.

The main thing that has to be understood here is that worldwide protests and rampant moral indignation was at all-time highs at the end of 2019 as folks within the truth research community were beginning to reach more people. Even average, lesser informed folks were starting to connect the proverbial dots within the depraved grid of the world power structure despite the brazen censorship of all the major SocMed networks. Much of this awakening was greatly accelerated by the Epstein crimes and the subsequent, blatant coverup of his dubious death (if he even died) and the prompt memory hole treatment by the corporate media hellscape.

But, of course, the response by the powers that ought-not-be was to bombard us with their favorite grab bag of divide and conquer tactics, false flag pretexts, vicious propaganda, mind control operations and operant conditioning programming (that they have funneled trillions of tax dollars, donations and consumer funds into over the last century to finetune) in the form of an unprecedented, unbelievably massive fugazzi “novel” (as in fictional) virus scare campaign designed to essentially shutdown the world by stifling a majority of human activity. This shutdown benefits the corrupted, failed world states by muzzling the huge uptick in the public’s demand for a redress of grievances by all but criminalizing public assembly and exponentiating the digital stasi state with more hyperstatist intrusion.

Just remember, the main ideologue pushing this virus fugazzi, “Kill Bill” Gates, has multiple Epstein money laundering ties and his B&MG foundation are likely assisting in sourcing children for trafficking.

Bill Gates is a despicable tyrant that should be in solitary confinement for the rest of his life, his entire estate liquidated and his foundations seized for crimes against humanity, international treason and racketeering fraud so that the pernicious demons that clearly hold high estate in his egregious little mind devour whatever shred of humanity he may or may not have left to the point of comatose insanity and a long, drawn-out, hellish death. Bill Gates is arguably far worse than Epstein and should be considered much more dangerous. Both Epstein and Gates are part and parcel of the same network of ill-gotten wealth and power.

Since Epstein’s exeunt from the headlines and hotseat (into his likely retreat to a “Second-ed” identity and remote, incognito existence), Gates has stepped into the role of taking the focus off the crucial skeleton key that is Epstein with the devilish, prick-centric, demon-semen vaccination scheme (which will only add yet another, perhaps bigger skeleton key to the keyring of truth).

Time will tell though if this desperate maneuver by the oligarch’s world state project and its obvious agenda will be seen for what it is: an all-in, last ditch effort to further enslave mankind under the banner of bigger and bigger lies.

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