Episode 3: Finders, Epstein, Space Hoax, Economic Meltdown, Gun Grabbing, Baghdadi’s Dead Again, Oh My!

In this third episode, DaveDave and Xavier Diamant welcome fellow investigator and researcher Orthogonal Reptilian as they convene a meeting of the minds surrounding topics that encompass a broad but important range. The recently declassified documents detailing the “Finder’s” cult and the coverup that accompanied their “alternative lifestyle” that included young children is initially discussed. This case of course dovetails into the ongoing Epstein saga, the search for the elusive Ghislaine Maxwell, whether or not Epstein is even dead, and how obviously complicit “the intelligence community” is in the entire ordeal. In due course, we branch off into the ongoing unravelling of the fake space industrial complex with reference to WaykiWayki’s recent and brilliant ambush journalism expose of a world renowned astrophysicist and the truly remarkable revelations that accompany this lifting of the veil about the blatant pseudoscience that upholds modern astronomy. We also address a ZNN article Xavier wrote about the impending multi-market meltdown and explore the road to roota theory pertaining to the possibility of manufactured scarcity in the media surrounding gold stores. From here, we take a look at another ZNN article DaveDave wrote pertaining to local NC news regarding the push to implement more stringent “sound disturbance” ordinances around legally discharging privately owned guns on privately owned land. From here we move to the reports that the ISIS big bad daddy, Baghdadi, is dead…again? With this we integrate our findings into concluding remarks and encourage new listeners to spread the word about our newscast, website and channels!

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