Episode 11 Zetetic.News Cast: Racedemic, Lost History, and the Waif-Fare Controversy

In Episopde 11 of the zetetic.news cast DaveDave and Xavier Diamant embark on a hard hitting rundown of the surreal totalitarian accelerationism gripping the world.

We start by covering nickelodeon protege Nick Cannon’s melanin-supremacist views as well as his pathetically one-sided groveling apology to the self appointed media elites. This results in a powerful dissection of the terminal fallacies inherent in racial dialectics before moving onto the developing Wayfair/Waif-Fare story that broke recently. We uncover Ghislane’s probable reddit involvement, “friends of Jeff”, more ancient #mythistory, cervezavirus news, statist gun grabbing and much more in this 3 hour episode jammed full with thought provoking commentary.

Proceed by inquiry.


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