Emerging Iran War Theater: Why Now?

In the wake of Trump’s recent drone strike that killed top Iranian military general Qasem Solameini–officially sparking the most dangerous regional war since Vietnam, which could easily escalate even further into a full-on transnational world war–the horrendous, blatantly unconstitutional and entirely immoral precedent that was viciously yet quietly rolled out during the Obama administration continued without hesitation. Congressional permission/approval to engage in literal acts of war was less than an afterthought then just as it apparently is now under Trump. No change whatsoever, this foreign assassination of Iran’s top military leader, was treated as a mere formality relegated to the insignificant status of an after-the-fact, condescending memo by the uberzionist neocons that flank Trump on all sides.

Netanyahu and the Likud party’s Greater Israel Project endgame for Israeli hegemony in the Middle East, and eventually the entire world, just got a whole lot more traction with their lackey, shabbos puppet Trump greenlighting military engagement with the Iranian state.

As we have noted multiple times throughout the ZNN podcasts, usually when there is a surprise event that is designed to grab public attention, stir up controversy and create a narrow media discourse and a fresh, 24/7 talking head press cycle, there are deeper, much more shocking events transpiring that the establishment doesn’t want the body politic to know in the slightest. Will these new heightened tensions surrounding Iran lead to a broader conflict? Probably if history shows us anything. How will this broadening war theater differ from the other overthrows, “regime changes” and world policing we have grown accustomed to seeing from US foreign policy decision-making? It will differ in scale, degree and kind simultaneously and not in good ways. All good questions to be sure, but the very fact that they have to be asked is part of the reason behind the escalation in the first place. The social engineering experimentation within the realm of state propaganda (vis-a-vis the paradigm of Edward Bernays’ Public Relations) has reached new levels of precision with the duopolist dictatorship and the marionette traitors that uphold it.

Mass media monopolization in the hands of foreign corporations and offshore interests has never been so consolidated. The sheer scale and extent to which the spell of highly advanced technological methods of hypnosis and power of suggestion has befallen the reality of contemporary information systems should make any thinking person go berserk.

Whenever the perfidious elephant in the room needs to be systematically ignored or the proverbial rug under which all the mounting dirt of the unsalvageable and entirely corrupted state apparatus is typically swept becomes too obvious (cough cough, Epstein!), in comes the military industrial complex like clockwork to rescue the political circus from it’s own abject insanity with their preferred procession of unhinged, barbaric obscenity and robotic brutality (surprise, more war games that benefit next to no one). All of which would be next to impossible if it weren’t for the institutionalized counterfeiting at the FederalReservation–literally printing money like there is no tomorrow, not blinking an eye about the specter of hyperinflation or the dangers to the vast majority of the people of the world, all to enable this abject imperialism. Indeed, the longer the scam money matrix is untouched, the hegemony in question can continue this odious beast system, that is openly committing and escalating crimes against humanity of all stripes, in perpetuity. With all the bellicose saber rattling, combined with the public desensitization to psyop propaganda and the U.S. taxpayer dollars continually subsidizing this infernal process, we are shown over and over that there is no shortage of ways that the industrialized culture of fear-mongering can be mobilized against any given mostly peaceful and well-meaning population (just look at the extent to which contemporary societies are drenched in stylized hyperviolence, nihilistic hedonism and worship of statist power).

To assert that U.S. society has been gaslit into sympathizing with tyrannical displays of power and the abusive aggrandizement thereof is an understatement. The misanthropy and psychopathy at the core of contemporary elite attitudes has been disseminated far and wide down to everyday consumable products. As the old adage goes, misery loves company. Hyperviolence has been peddled like candy to our infantilized, arrested development, consumption-driven culture by the very same elite that want to manifest even more violence in everyone’s day to day lives. The gambit by these sick, perverted, misanthropic, psychopathic, self-supremacist elites when it comes to war is that, we the people, will merely adapt and muddle our way through their despotism because we don’t have the organization or coordinated resources to depose them by force since they hold most of the cards in that department as a result of stealing from us for so long. It begs the question, if they are so excited about team Amerika policing the realm of people they don’t like, why don’t the vast bulk of those who have the power to take the commoner’s children to war enlist their own children or broader family on the front lines? Because they know all war is hell on earth and that maintaining their already hellish power requires the *mass sacrifice of innocent blood*. Just not THEIR loved one’s innocent blood, that’s the job of the serfs and the cannon fodder called the Common Man. It’s high time this beast system grind to a halt as a result of the Common Man seizing back his real civic voice from the pseudorepresentative, parasitic order we call government and the status quo today. That is, unless we allow the hell of the middle east’s decades long bedlum come home to roost in the American homeland due to not raising awareness and resisting enough. If the controllers behind this incitement to war have their way, it can happen sooner than anyone should ever wish to imagine–while they are as removed from the consequences of their evil as possible, sipping adrenochrome laced cognac on their child trafficking yachts and within their hidden redoubts as they worship their heinous egregores and spread calamity as casually as any of us would eat breakfast.

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