Dark City Memoirs 2

Dark City Memoirs

“There is no dignity in wickedness, whether in purple or rags; and hell is a democracy of devils, where all are equals.”


           Good day everyone, may you find your voice and path to eternal life.  In this memoir I hope to detail part of the deadly scam of stealing our minds.  Now, there are many ways this is being done, from daily stimuli to projecting identities, but I am literally talking about how are physiological systems of been hijacked.

What we think of our minds is literally our second mind.  That is, our unconscious autonomic system is really, what is in control.  Your “mind” consciousness is the after thought of what our unconscious system radiates.  Our unconscious system sends 40 to 60 thoughts a day into our minds, less controlling all your biological systems.  Evil has purposefully manipulated our species to think our frontal lobes is the “be all and end all”.  So in other words, we have been bred to focus on the wrong mind.  This allows for easier manipulation and of course delusion.  Let’s give some examples, for instance when you learn a new technique, you practice and practice and eventually you “know” the technique to the point where you don’t “think” about it.  The reason you don’t think about it, is because that technique has been wired into your unconscious neural net.  We are really just biological robots working on electricity and chemistry and we have lost the keys to its function and purpose.  Another example to triangulate this position is in addiction, right now our mainstream standard care is to “just say no”.  The idea, is that the mind, would be able to program the unconscious neural net with a word, of course this has been an utter disaster which funds are private prisons, criminal courts and keeps this knowledge away from recovery.  The ability to rewire your net with a thought is a very rare event.  This problem has literally created a deviant cultural “Ego” allowing us to fall into this slavery we find ourselves in.  

Now, neuroscience is identifying this perspective, with the gut second brain, but it is being lost in scientific bureaucracy.  Part of sciences trouble, which is another disaster, is the ability to lose the layman in conversation.  This creates compartmentalization and eventually hierarchy.  I digress, it is possible for a conscious thought to rewire the nervous system, but one needs a very strong ego to do this.  Professional athletes and actors are good examples of people who can do this.  In recovery you will see this due to extraordinary consequences resulting in survival instincts kicking in or a spiritual phoenix that allows change.  Often for many, the survival instincts kick in and allow for some self reflection and sobriety, but the unconscious wiring eventually takes over and creates relapse.  True recovery is very similar to writing with the opposite hand.  It would take a good year of daily practice to wire yourself with the other hand.  There is so many permutations to this idea that it’s hard to capture everything.  Let’s look deeper into the mind jacking going on in our species.  

If I can get an individual/species to repeat a behavior daily, be informed on a daily basis, and then have that person believe their conscious mind is free, one can glimpse at the utter darkness our species is in.  This is why our false ego is reinforced, stimulated and stampeded to not sit still and listen.  This is why meditation has been so powerful, but if there is no reference point of the truth you get caught up in eastern mysticism seeking emptiness.  I remember starting my indoctrination around 5-6 years old.  Waking up at 6am, going to school all day, homework, extracurricular activities, eating and then repeat.  This indoctrination is by no way coincidence.  The power of evil is knowing our species true genetic coding and behaviorism, which is to experience Gods plan.  So they take our instincts and then mold them to deviate from true reality.  What is true reality?  To experience the wonders of God is the real pursuit.  We are literally in an Eden with abundance and joy, but we have been confused to believe the opposite.  

Let me get more concrete with the position of consciousness and unconsciousness.  Let’s use addiction as another example.  During our adolescent development stage 13-21 years old is where we finalize our neural net programming to direct us into our adulthood.  Coincidentally, societies of antiquity believed a boy becomes a man at 13 years old.  Now if the adolescent is using drugs to cope with reality, the unconscious system gets wired to think the biological system is meant to use drugs.  The unconscious system thinks its doing the right thing to send cravings, images and thoughts to control the mind to robotically attain drugs.  One of many drives the autonomic system does for addicts is to create drama, anxiety and fight or flight responses.  When a system is in fight or flight it cannot use its frontal lobes to rationalize a problem.  This is done on purpose by the unconscious system.  It knows what drives the conscious mind, it knows your weaknesses and you’re triggers.  People long standing in AA for example call this disease an unrelenting monster and can identify with what I’m saying.  

This knowledge could change treating addiction universally, but evil has created a scientific bureaucracy that will not accept it.  Its standard of care is that the ego is in charge and only provide short term therapy, pharmacology and poor social support systems.  I have been working in this field for 30 years and know it far too well.  Mental health system has been disempowered, fed incorrect information, hijacked by pharmacology and allowed capitalistic corporations to manage its affairs.  The amount of change needed would be drastic.  I would compare it to attaining military funding.  Again this is all not by accident.  

So to sum up this topic, is simply that our natural perspective of the environment has been repositioned.  If we knew that our unconscious was in control, being calm, still, self reflective and awareness would be our motivation.  There would be an overall wonderment and humility amongst our people as we explore the vast space of the inner mind.  People would not be watching entertainment or participating in a rat race.  The main currency would be listening to your unconscious which has total recall, memories of your ancestry and keys to cosmic coding.  This is part how evil gate-keeps our freedom.  

Next memoir I will talk about the chemical and electrical toxicity of our planet.  How it is being used to cull us and direct our minds.  Godspeed!


Dr. Daniel Schreber

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