Coronation Virus: Medical Martial Law Powergrab “Crowned” as the All-In Strategy by Desperate Governments Wanting Worldwide Tyranny

Welcome to Spring 2020! Finally the beauty of nature returns in all its etheric splendor for us to enjoy. What a perfectly symbolic year to focus on deepening our collective appreciation with others in this marvelously created realm in which we dwell.

Strike that, reverse it.

According to recent headlines regarding the pretext du jour of the modern technocratic elite seeking to escalate and accelerate their manufactured existential threats–this time around as a “novel” virus–now is not the time to celebrate life but to rather do the following:

Panic about potential death, hoard what little you can get your hands on, stigmatize anyone who questions what’s really going on behind the scenes, distance yourself from anyone and everyone, isolate oneself indefinitely, fear for your life constantly, surrender whatever modicum of freedom you supposedly still have, look out only for oneself and immediate needs, shun interaction entirely, always follow orders from official-looking people, never investigate the “science” behind these “viruses” or any other infrastructural factor that could be contributing to these symptoms and of course succumb to indefinite financial dismay while you wallow in hypochondria over any symptom that may resemble…drumroll….a cold! Sound familiar?…

…That’s because it is. Ever since that fateful and treacherous day of 9/11, the occupying oligarchy that stood to gain the most from those attacks is still calling the shots. One of their favorite new tricks is that they have decided that any time they can use the fear of a virus and call it a crisis, therein lies a new legislative or executive opportunity for them to utilize for the purposes of furthering their obsession with controlling people like cattle via stolen or otherwise ill-gotten resources against their host populations.

Amazingly (but not unpredictably), the combination of the engineered cultural drift toward short term attention spans, the mass scale implementation of technetronic subterfuge via constant screen-world mindmeld techniques, general authoritarian conditioning and the perpetually schizophrenic news cycles orchestrating both mass apathy brainwashing and planned episodic panic has proven, so far, to be relatively sufficient in paralyzing the worldwide general public’s (well-earned) skepticism regarding virtually any kind of govermental roll-out of draconian measures designed to….drumroll….keep us safe!

With his usual clarity, WaykiWayki breaks down the many contributing factors surrounding the current outbreak headlines.

The questions regarding the specificity of the current threat of this virus are, of course, instinctually the first to be asked. People always want to be rest assured that they aren’t in any danger. Yet we nevertheless carry with us a built-in componentry of suspicion that operates subconsciously as a self-protective measure in case our reassurances aren’t continually renewed. This is so we can adapt to present conditions without relying too much on outside sources.

Now, imagine what a highly influential group and/or an extremely well-funded organization could do with a meticulously researched understanding of this exact, aforementioned psychological dynamic if they were to simultaneously be the reassurer and the remover of reassurance; The providers of relief and the cause for mania; The bringers of fear and the reapers of desperation?

Now multiply that ominous thought by the coefficient that is an already way over-extended mega-debt bubble called “the global economic markets” estimated to be in the hundreds of trillions of madeup, banker cabal fiat “money”. What if this collapse dwarfs the 2008 crisis by multiple orders of magnitude? The answer to this question is likely much more important than the answer to those earlier more instinctual questions regarding “what danger does this virus pose?”

This is a planned event. The writing is on the wall now.

Let’s look at one particular household name, a billionaire personality who exemplifies the technocratic mentality regarding this issue of pandemics, Bill Gates, as he so casually pronounces the official, “high IQ” globalist verdict regarding what is more likely to kill 10+ Million people.

“Not Missles, but Microbes.” Notice how he rationalizes an imagined need for a form of worldwide, militarized medical authoritarianism comparable to battlefield forces as he points to the casual modeling and cost benefit analysis of death schematics that are comparable to traditional warfare. Ebola was an “early warning” also. I wonder for what.

Isn’t it interesting that Bill Gates steps down from the Microsoft board to focus on “philanthropic” enterprises through the B&MG foundation right as the headlines for this virus are at fever pitch and the stock market is tanking. Oh! And let’s not forget what else Bill Gates was embroiled in prior to the headlines about this coronavirus.

Tick Tock Mr. Gates. How deep do your ties to Epstein and the Mossad really go? Even dumb, alphabet soup media like MSNBC can follow the massive bread loafs of evidence linking these scum together. Do you also have a body double Mr. Gates?

The timing of this coronavirus scare came along right as worldwide protests against government corruption and corporate malfeasance were reaching all time highs. It came right as the online research disclosure of Epstein’s blackmail operation was really deepening; just as a critical mass of people began to uncover the adder’s den of perversion, unending deceit, unparalled treason and heinous depravity at the heart of power in all halls of government and in all major corporations the world over!

It was obvious for them as it should be obvious to you now: we are in those desperate times (that they designed) which call for desperate measures (that they created).

Quite the updated false flag event indeed: create a whole new breed of invisible boogeymen that are around every corner on any given surface and ready to pounce on you the closer you get to your fellow man.

The same goal is still accomplished, the same aim of distracting us, dividing us against one another. All the while increasing the dismay among the very people affecting the genuine paradigm shift we all need and deserve.

In order to maintain the exposure and disclosure of the vicious beast system–that is set up to subjugate and persecute us all as its only safeguard against its full-on destruction and undoing–we need to see this new viral push as a despotic putsch, a powergrab designed to make our lives feel more miserable and our prospects more grim. If there was ever a time for this truism it is now: “misery loves company”, especially when those who epitomize it are trying their hardest now to break our collective will to resist under the false aegis of more of the same scientism-inspired, thanatoid hyperbole masquerading as “public health”.

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